Ahn Yu Jin Profile, Age & Facts: Everything You Need to Know About the South Korean Singer

Are you a fan of K-pop and keen to know more about rising star Ahn Yu Jin? Well, you’re in luck! This South Korean singer was born on September 1, 2003, and she is currently enchanting the music scene with her melodic voice.

In this blog post, we will reveal everything from Yujin’s personal life and career milestones to fun facts that fans would love to know. Let’s plunge into the captivating world of Ahn Yu Jin!

Key Takeaways

  • Ahn Yu Jin is a talented South Korean singer who was born on September 1, 2003.
  • She gained recognition through her participation in the reality competition show Produce 48 and later became a member of the project girl group IZ*ONE.
  • Yu Jin is currently the leader of the new girl group IVE under Starship Entertainment.

Ahn Yu Jin’s Background and Career

Ahn Yu Jin, born on September 1, 2003, is a South Korean singer who made her group debut with IVE. She has been active in the industry since 2018 and is signed under Starship Entertainment.

Ahn Yu Jin gained recognition through her participation in Produce 48 and later became a member of the project girl group IZ*ONE.

Birth name: Ahn Yu Jin

Ahn Yu Jin is a popular South Korean singer. Her real name is the same as her stage name. Most people know her as Yujin. She was born on September 1, 2003, in Dunsan-dong, Daejeon, South Korea.

People love her for her great songs and dance moves. Yujin has a sister who is four years older than she is. She went to School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA). Many know Yujin from the girl group IZ*ONE because she sang and danced very well there! Now, she works with Starship Entertainment and leads the girl group IVE.

Birth date: September 1, 2003

Ahn Yu Jin, the talented South Korean singer, was born on September 1, 2003. She hails from Dunsan-dong, Daejeon, South Korea. Yujin is currently 20 years old and has already made a name for herself in the K-pop industry.

As a member of the project girl group IZ*ONE and now as the leader of IVE, she showcases her skills as both a lead vocalist and lead dancer. Yujin’s passion for music shines through at such a young age, captivating fans with her talent and dedication.

Birth place: Daejeon, South Korea

Ahn Yu Jin, also known as Yujin, was born in Daejeon, South Korea. She hails from the city of Daejeon, which is located in the North Chungcheong province of South Korea. This is where she spent her early years before embarking on a successful career in the music industry.

As a talented singer and dancer, Yujin has made a name for herself not only in her hometown but also among K-pop fans worldwide.

Occupation: Singer

Ahn Yu Jin is a South Korean singer. She began her career as a member of the project girl group IZ*ONE, where she showed off her skills as the lead vocalist and lead dancer. Currently signed under Starship Entertainment, Yujin serves as the leader of the girl group IVE.

With her talent in singing, dancing, and rapping, she has captured the hearts of many fans in the K-pop industry.

Group debut: IVE

IVE is a new girl group that Ahn Yu Jin debuted with. She is currently the leader of the group. They made their debut recently and have been capturing attention with their amazing talent and performances.

IVE is already gaining popularity among K-pop fans, and people are excited to see what they will achieve in the future. Yu Jin’s role in the group as lead vocalist and lead dancer showcases her skills on stage, making IVE an exciting group to watch out for.

Years active: 2018-present

Ahn Yu Jin has been active in the music industry since 2018. She started her career as a member of the project girl group IZ*ONE, where she showcased her talents as a lead vocalist and lead dancer.

Since then, she has continued to pursue her passion for singing and dancing under Starship Entertainment. With her captivating performances and versatile skills, Ahn Yu Jin has established herself as a rising star in the K-pop industry.

Fans can look forward to more amazing music and performances from this talented artist in the years to come.

Agency: Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment is the agency that represents Ahn Yu Jin. They are known for managing many popular K-pop artists and groups. Some of their other notable talents include Monsta X, WJSN, and Cravity.

Starship Entertainment has a great reputation in the industry and is known for their support and promotion of their artists’ careers. With the backing of this agency, Yujin has been able to showcase her talents to a wide audience and continue to grow as a performer.

Associations: Produce 48, IZ*ONE

Ahn Yu Jin has been associated with two notable groups: Produce 48 and IZ*ONE. These are some key facts about her involvement:

  1. Produce 48: This reality competition show aired in 2018 and aimed to form a project girl group. Ahn Yu Jin participated as a trainee from Starship Entertainment.
  2. IZ*ONE: As a result of her participation in Produce 48, Yujin became a member of the temporary girl group IZ*ONE. The group debuted in October 2018 and was active until April 2021.

Fun Facts and Trivia

– Ahn Yu Jin attended the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA), where she majored in Practical Music.

– She is known to go by the nickname “Annyeong” among her friends and fans.

– Standing at an impressive height of 173 cm (5 ft 8 in), Ahn Yu Jin often receives praise for her model-like proportions.

– Her blood type is A, a popular personality trait indicator in South Korea.

– Aside from her singing and dancing talents, Ahn Yu Jin has also showcased her skills as a lyricist, having writing credits on several songs.

Educational background

Yujin attended SOPA, which stands for School of Performing Arts Seoul. It’s a school that focuses on arts and performance education. Yujin studied there to further develop her skills in singing and dancing.

This shows her dedication to honing her talents from a young age.

Other name(s)

Ahn Yu Jin is also known by the mononym Yujin. She goes by this name in addition to her birth name, as it’s common for Korean celebrities to have stage names. This nickname adds a touch of familiarity and closeness between Yujin and her fans.

Height: 173 cm (5 ft 8 in)

Blood type: A

Yujin’s blood type is A. This is an important piece of information for some people in South Korea, as there is a belief that blood type can determine personality traits. People with blood type A are often described as calm, organized, and responsible.

While this belief may not be scientifically proven, it’s still interesting to know Yujin’s blood type!

Writing credits

Yujin has also contributed her writing skills to various songs. Some of her writing credits include:

  • “Why Not” – IZ*ONE
  • “Eyes On Me” – IZ*ONE
  • “Pretty” – IZ*ONE
  • “La Vie en Rose” – IZ*ONE

Discography and Collaborations

Ahn Yu Jin has participated in various releases and collaborations throughout her career.

Participations in releases

Yujin has participated in various releases throughout her career. Here are some notable ones:

  1. IZ*ONE’s debut album, “Color*IZ” (2018)
  2. IZ*ONE’s second mini – album, “HEART*IZ” (2019)
  3. IZ*ONE’s first full – length album, “BLOOM*IZ” (2020)
  4. IZ*ONE’s third mini – album, “Oneiric Diary” (2020)
  5. IZ*ONE’s fourth mini-album, “One-reeler / Act IV” (2020)
  6. Yujin collaborated with fellow member Wonyoung for the song “Merry-Go-Round” on the album “One-reeler / Act IV
  7. IVE’s debut single album, “ElevenTales” (2023)


Yujin has also collaborated with other artists in the K-pop industry. Here are some notable collaborations she has been a part of:

  1. “Into the I-LAND” with Song Hee Min: Yujin joined forces with Song Hee Min, another contestant from the survival show “I-LAND,” for a special performance.
  2. “The Lady” with Kim Se Jeong: Yujin collaborated with Kim Se Jeong, a member of the girl group Gugudan, for a duet on the music competition show “King of Mask Singer.”
  3. “Love Revolution” OST: Yujin contributed her vocals to the official soundtrack of the webtoon-based drama series “Love Revolution.”
  4. Various Special Stages: Yujin has participated in various special stages and performances alongside other K-pop idols during events and award shows.

Filmography and Endorsements

Ahn Yu Jin has appeared in various reality shows, variety shows, and music videos throughout her career. She has also landed endorsement deals with several brands, solidifying her presence in the entertainment industry.

Reality shows

Yujin has appeared in several reality shows, showcasing her talent and personality to the audience. Here are some of the shows she has been a part of:

  1. Produce 48: Yujin gained popularity through this survival show, where trainees from different companies competed to debut in a project girl group.
  2. IZ*ONE Chu: As a member of IZ*ONE, Yujin appeared in this reality show that documented the group’s journey and behind-the-scenes moments.
  3. Law of the Jungle: Yujin joined other celebrities on this adventure reality show, where they faced challenges and survived in remote locations.
  4. Knowing Brothers: Yujin showcased her witty side on this variety show, engaging in funny banter with the cast members.
  5. Idol Room: Yujin made appearances on this talk show specifically catered to idol groups, where she shared insights about her career and showcased her talents.
  6. ENOZI Cam: This online series gave fans a closer look at Yujin’s daily life and activities outside of performances and promotions.

Variety shows

Yujin has also appeared on various variety shows, showcasing her entertaining personality and charm. Here are some of the shows she has been a part of:

  1. “Idol Room” – Yujin made an appearance on this popular variety show, where idols showcase their talents and engage in fun challenges.
  2. “Knowing Brothers” – She joined the cast of this hilarious talk show, where celebrities participate in games and comedic skits.
  3. “Weekly Idol” – Yujin showcased her dancing skills on this show, which focuses on idol groups’ performances and interactions.
  4. “Running Man” – She appeared as a guest on this long-running variety program, participating in thrilling missions alongside the regular cast members.
  5. “King of Mask Singer” – Yujin amazed viewers with her vocal abilities by performing anonymously on this singing competition show.
  6. “Produce 48” – Before debuting in IZ*ONE, Yujin gained recognition as a contestant on this reality competition series that aimed to create a girl group through audience votes.

Music shows

Yujin has also appeared on various music shows, showcasing her talent as a singer and performer. Some of the music shows she has appeared on include:

  1. Mnet’s “M Countdown”
  2. KBS’s “Music Bank”
  3. SBS’s “Inkigayo”
  4. MBC’s “Show! Music Core”
  5. JTBC’s “Music On Top”

Music video appearances

Yujin has also made appearances in several music videos. Here are a few notable ones:

  • “La Vie en Rose” by IZ*ONE
  • “Violeta” by IZ*ONE
  • “Fiesta” by IZ*ONE
  • “Secret Story of the Swan” by IZ*ONE


Yujin has also been involved in various endorsements. Some of her notable endorsements include:

  • Cosmetics brand Etude House
  • Sportswear brand Fila
  • Beverage brand Pocari Sweat
  • Skincare brand The Face Shop
  • Clothing brand H: Connect

Social Media Presence and Fan Feed

Ahn Yu Jin has a strong social media presence, with active accounts on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She frequently interacts with her fans through posts and updates about her activities.

Fans can also find dedicated fan pages and communities that share news, photos, and videos of the South Korean singer.

Official links

You can find more about Ahn Yu Jin on her official social media accounts and websites. Here are the links:

  • Instagram: @official.yujin
  • Twitter: @officialyujin
  • YouTube: Ahn Yu Jin Official
  • V Live: YUJIN
  • Starship Entertainment official website: www.starship-ent.com/artist/yujin

Fan Feed

Yujin has a strong presence on social media and has a dedicated fanbase. Her official links can be found on various platforms, allowing fans to stay connected and updated with her activities.

Fans often share their love and support for Yujin through comments, posts, and fan art on these platforms, creating an interactive community. The fan feed is filled with messages of admiration for Yujin’s talent as a singer, dancer, and performer.

They also express excitement about her future projects and achievements. Yujin appreciates the love from her fans and often interacts with them through live broadcasts or special events.


In conclusion, Ahn Yu Jin is a talented South Korean singer known for her skills in singing and dancing. She rose to fame as a member of the project girl group IZ*ONE and is now the leader of the girl group IVE.

With her captivating performances and charming personality, Yujin continues to make waves in the Kpop industry.


1. Who is Ahn Yu Jin?

Ahn Yu Jin, known by her one name, is a South Korean singer from Sannamdong.

2. How old is Ahn Yu Jin and what are some fun facts about her age?

Ahn Yu Jin’s exact age and birth date isn’t given regularly but you can find some fun age trivia in her profile.

3. Does Ahn Yu Jin have any siblings?

Yes! She has an older sister as mentioned in the ‘everything you need to know’ part of the article title.

4. Where can I find more information on Ahn Yu Jin?

For more about this South Korean singer look at the ‘profile’ or the ‘need to know’ sections of our article titled “Ahn Yu Jin Profile, Age & Facts: Everything You Need to Know About the South Korean Singer”.

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