ASTRO Kpop Profile, Age & Facts: Everything You Need to Know About the Members

Curious about the members of South Korean boy group ASTRO? This talented six-member team took the Kpop scene by storm after their debut in 2016. From comprehensive member profiles to exciting career highlights, our article will dish out all the deets on this sparkling ensemble.

Let’s dive into a Kpop universe that’s as vast and vibrant as the stars!

Key Takeaways

  • ASTRO is a South Korean boy group that debuted in 2016 and consists of six members: MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Rocky, Moonbin, and Sanha.
  • Each member has their own unique roles and talents within the group, including main vocalist, leader, main rapper, visual member, main dancer, lead vocalist, and maknae (youngest member).
  • ASTRO has achieved popularity through their catchy music and energetic performances. They have won awards on music shows and headlined successful tours and concerts around the world.
  • The members of ASTRO are active on social media platforms like Instagram where they share updates with their fans.

ASTRO Members Profiles

The members of ASTRO include MJ, who is the main vocalist, JinJin, the leader and main rapper, Cha Eunwoo, who is a vocalist and visual member of the group, Rocky, the main dancer and lead rapper, Moonbin as the main dancer and lead vocalist, and Sanha as the lead vocalist and youngest member.

MJ: Main Vocalist

MJ is the main vocalist in ASTRO. His voice stands out and adds power to every song. He was born on March 5, 1994, which makes him the oldest member of the group. Not only does he sing with skill, but his upbeat spirit brings joy to all.

MJ’s talent shines bright like a star in ASTRO.

JinJin: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer

JinJin is an important member of ASTRO. He is the leader of the group and takes on the roles of main rapper and lead dancer. JinJin’s leadership skills help guide the group in their activities and performances.

As a rapper, he showcases his lyrical talent in their songs, while also captivating audiences with his dancing abilities. JinJin plays a vital role in ASTRO’s dynamic as both a leader and performer, contributing to their overall success in the Kpop industry.

Cha Eunwoo: Vocalist, Visual, Face Of The Group

Cha Eunwoo is an important member of ASTRO, being their vocalist and visual. He’s often recognized as the “Face of the Group,” meaning he represents the group’s image. Born on March 30, 1997, Cha Eunwoo is a talented singer who adds his unique voice to ASTRO’s songs.

Not only that, but he also possesses striking visuals that captivate fans around the world. With his charming looks and impressive talent, Cha Eunwoo has become one of Kpop industry’s rising stars.

Rocky: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Rocky is a talented member of ASTRO who has multiple roles in the group. He is the main dancer, lead rapper, and also contributes as a vocalist. With his impressive dancing skills, he brings energy and precision to their performances.

As a lead rapper, he adds his unique style and flow to their songs. Additionally, Rocky showcases his singing abilities by harmonizing with the other members during vocal parts. His versatility makes him an integral part of ASTRO’s dynamic and well-rounded sound.

Moonbin: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center

Moonbin is an important member of ASTRO. He is the main dancer, lead vocalist, and center of the group. Born on January 26, 1998, he is one of the talented performers in ASTRO. Moonbin’s skills as a dancer are impressive, and he brings energy and charisma to the stage with his powerful moves.

Along with his dancing abilities, Moonbin also showcases his vocal talents as a lead vocalist in the group. As a center, he takes on a prominent role in performances and helps create synchronization within the group.

Moonbin’s contributions to ASTRO cannot be overlooked, making him an integral part of their success.

Sanha: Lead Vocalist, Maknae

Sanha is the youngest member of ASTRO. He was born on March 21, 2000, making him just 21 years old. In the group, Sanha serves as a lead vocalist and is known for his powerful and sweet voice.

Despite being the maknae (youngest member), he has showcased his talent through various performances and albums with ASTRO. Sanha’s energetic stage presence and charming personality make him a beloved member among fans.

He has also gained popularity on social media platforms like Instagram, where he shares updates with his followers. With his bright smile and impressive vocal skills, Sanha continues to captivate fans all around the world.

ASTRO’s Career and Discography

ASTRO began their career with the release of their debut album “Spring Up” and quickly gained popularity through their catchy music and energetic performances.

Pre-debut and debut with Spring Up

ASTRO, a South Korean boy group under Fantagio Entertainment, made their debut on February 23, 2016, with the mini album ‘Spring Up’. The six members – MJ, JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha – showcased their talents as they entered the Kpop music scene.

‘Spring Up’ introduced them to fans with catchy songs like “Hide & Seek” and “Cat’s Eye”, capturing attention with their energetic performances and youthful charm. This marked the beginning of ASTRO’s journey in the world of Kpop entertainment.

Rising popularity and first tour

After their debut in 2016, ASTRO quickly gained popularity among Kpop fans. Their catchy music and synchronized dance moves captured the hearts of many. As their fan base grew, so did their opportunities.

They embarked on their first tour, performing to sold-out venues around South Korea and even overseas. With each show, they showcased their talent and charisma, leaving fans wanting more.

This marked the beginning of ASTRO’s journey towards becoming one of the most beloved boy groups in the industry.

Group hiatus and Rise Up

During their career, ASTRO faced a group hiatus and made a powerful comeback with their album “Rise Up.” The group took a break from promotions after releasing their first studio album, “All Night,” due to member Moonbin’s temporary hiatus.

However, they didn’t let this setback discourage them. When they returned with “Rise Up,” ASTRO showed their determination and resilience by delivering amazing performances and capturing fans’ hearts once again.

This album showcased the group’s growth and maturity as artists, proving that they were ready to take on new challenges in the Kpop industry. Their hard work paid off as “Rise Up” received positive reviews from both critics and fans alike.

First studio album All Night, Japanese debut with Venus, and Moonbin’s hiatus

ASTRO released their first studio album, titled “All Night,” on January 16, 2017. The album featured a mix of upbeat and heartfelt tracks that showcased the group’s versatility. In addition to their activities in South Korea, ASTRO also made their Japanese debut with the single “Venus” on April 5, 2017.

The song received positive feedback from fans and helped expand their popularity overseas. During this time, member Moonbin took a hiatus due to health concerns but eventually returned to the group after focusing on his recovery and well-being.

One & Only, Gateway, and first sub-unit Moonbin & Sanha

ASTRO continued to release new music and explore different concepts with their albums “One & Only” and “Gateway.” These albums showcased the group’s growth and versatility, capturing the attention of fans around the world.

In addition, ASTRO introduced their first sub-unit called Moonbin & Sanha, consisting of members Moonbin and Sanha. The sub-unit released their debut single “Bad Idea,” which received positive feedback for its catchy melody and impressive choreography.

This further highlighted the individual talents of Moonbin and Sanha, allowing them to shine in a different musical setting.

Second studio album All Yours and solo activities

ASTRO released their second studio album, “All Yours,” on April 5, 2021. The album features a total of ten tracks, including the title track “ONE,” which showcases the group’s mature and sophisticated sound.

Each member had the opportunity to showcase their individual talents through solo activities during this time. Cha Eunwoo starred in popular K-dramas like “True Beauty” and “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung.” Moonbin also ventured into acting with roles in dramas such as “Moment at Eighteen” and web drama “Love Revolution.” JinJin displayed his producing skills by participating in composing songs for ASTRO’s albums.

These solo activities allowed the members to explore their own interests while continuing to promote as a group.

Awards and Achievements

ASTRO has garnered numerous music show wins, headlined successful tours and concerts, and received multiple nominations and awards throughout their career. Don’t miss out on reading about their impressive achievements!

Music show wins

ASTRO has achieved significant success on music shows throughout their career. They have won multiple awards, showcasing their popularity and talent. Their energetic performances and catchy songs have impressed audiences and judges alike.

With each comeback, ASTRO consistently delivers high-quality performances that allow them to stand out among other K-pop groups. Through their hard work and dedication, they have earned recognition for their music and continue to make a name for themselves in the industry.

Headlining tours and concerts

ASTRO has not only gained popularity through their music, but they have also embarked on successful headlining tours and concerts. They have performed in various countries around the world, including South Korea, Japan, and the United States.

Their energetic performances and engaging stage presence have captivated fans during these live shows. ASTRO’s concerts are known for their lively atmosphere and the members’ ability to connect with their audience.

Through their impressive talent and dedication to entertaining their fans, ASTRO continues to leave a lasting impression with each concert they perform.

Nominations and awards received

ASTRO has received recognition for their talent and hard work in the music industry. They have won multiple awards on various music shows, showcasing their impressive performances and vocal abilities.

Additionally, they have headlined successful tours and concerts, showing their popularity among fans. The group has also been nominated for prestigious awards in South Korea’s entertainment industry, highlighting their impact and success.

ASTRO’s dedication to their craft is evident through the recognition they have received throughout their career.

Fun Facts and Trivia about ASTRO

– Each member of ASTRO has their own unique birth date and age, with MJ being the oldest and Sanha being the youngest in the group.

Birthdays and ages of members

ASTRO consists of six members who were born between 1994 and 2000. The oldest member, MJ, was born on March 5, 1994. Then we have JinJin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, and Sanha. Their birthdays range throughout the year, so there’s always a reason to celebrate in ASTRO!

Positions and roles in the group

Each member of ASTRO has different positions and roles within the group. MJ is the main vocalist, JinJin is the leader, main rapper, and lead dancer. Cha Eunwoo is a vocalist, visual, and face of the group.

Rocky is the main dancer, lead rapper, and also a vocalist. Moonbin is another main dancer and lead vocalist who serves as the center of the group. Sanha is a lead vocalist and also known as “maknae,” which means youngest member in Korean.

They all contribute their unique talents to create ASTRO’s music and performances.

Social media profiles and popularity

ASTRO members are quite active on social media, with some of them having individual Instagram accounts where they share updates and interact with their fans. You can find Cha Eunwoo (@eunwo.o_c), Moonbin (@moon_ko_ng), Rocky (@minhyuk202523) and Sanha (@ddana_yoon) on Instagram.

They often post photos, videos, and behind-the-scenes moments that give fans a glimpse into their daily lives. With their talent, catchy music, and charming personalities, ASTRO has gained a strong following both in South Korea and internationally.

Their popularity continues to grow as they release new music and engage with their fans through various platforms.


In conclusion, ASTRO is a popular South Korean boy group with six talented members. They have gained recognition for their music and performances since their debut in 2016. With their unique talents and charm, ASTRO continues to captivate Kpop fans around the world.


1. What is ASTRO Kpop?

ASTRO is a popular boys band in Korean pop culture.

2. Why are they called ‘ASTRO’?

Their name, ‘ASTRO’, comes from the Spanish word for star as they aim to become stars in the music business.

3. Who are the members of ASTRO Kpop?

The group has six members and one of them is Yoon Sanha.

4. Where can I learn more about them?

You can know more about their age, profile, and facts by reading “Everything You Need to Know About The Members” articles online.

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