Billie Kpop Profile, Age & Facts: Get to Know the Members, Birthdays, and Positions

Embarking on a discovery voyage into the vibrant world of K-Pop can truly be an exhilarating, yet slightly overwhelming experience. Especially now, with fresh new groups like Billlie making their presence felt.

Believe me when I say that as a fervent K-pop aficionado myself, I understand how it might seem daunting to remember all the details about each member – from their profiles and ages to their individual roles within the band.

This is precisely why this comprehensive guide swoops in for rescue – chock full with pertinent facts about each member, right from their birth dates to responsibilities in the group.

So hold onto your socks as we prepare to dive deep enough into Billlie’s universe that will swiftly transform you into an expert connoisseur!

Key Takeaways

  • Billlie is a South Korean girl group formed by Mystic Story in November 2021.
  • The group consists of seven members, each with their own roles and positions within the group, including main vocalists, rappers, and dancers.
  • The members have different ages and birthdays, adding variety to the group’s dynamic. Their zodiac signs range from Sagittarius to Scorpio.
  • Billlie has achieved notable milestones since their debut and has a strong relationship with their fans, known as “Billiens.” They will be coming back as a five-member group in October with new music releases.

Billlie Members’ Profiles

Moon Sua, known for her powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence, is one of the dynamic members of Billlie. Suhyeon, on the other hand, brings a sweet yet soulful quality to the group’s music.

Haram shines with her energetic dance skills and captivating rap verses. Tsuki adds a unique charm with her versatile singing abilities and charming personality. Sheon stands out with her strong vocal range and stylish fashion sense.

Siyoon captivates audiences with his smooth dance moves and melodious voice, while Haruna enchants with her lovely visuals and impressive vocal talent.

Moon Sua

Moon Sua is a key part of Billlie. She’s known for her rap skills and is one of the main rappers in the group. Sua was born on September 9, 1999. Her height is 164 cm (5’4″) and she weighs around 47 kg (104 lbs).

She works hard to bring great music to fans. Just like every other member, Moon Sua plays a big role in making Billlie shine bright in Kpop world!


Suhyeon is one of the members of Billlie, a South Korean girl group. She is known as one of the main vocalists in the group and has a great singing ability. Suhyeon adds her unique vocals to their songs, which makes them sound even more amazing.

The fans love her powerful voice and always look forward to hearing her sing in their performances and music releases. In addition to being a talented singer, Suhyeon also contributes to the group’s harmonies during their live performances.

She is an important member of Billlie and plays a significant role in their overall sound and success. Her dedication to her craft has made her beloved by fans all over the world.


Haram is one of the members of Billlie, a South Korean girl group formed by Mystic Story. She is known for her incredible vocals and is one of the main vocalists in the group. Haram brings a unique tone and power to their songs, captivating fans with her emotive performances.

Alongside Suhyeon, she showcases her singing skills and takes on various melodic parts in their music. Haram’s talent and dedication make her an important member of Billlie, contributing to their success as a group.


Tsuki is one of the members of Billlie, a South Korean girl group formed by Mystic Story. She showcases her talent as the main dancer of the group. Tsuki’s amazing dance skills add energy and excitement to their performances.

Alongside her dancing abilities, Tsuki also contributes to other positions within the group. As part of Billlie, she plays an essential role in creating their unique music and captivating stage presence.


Sheon is one of the members of Billlie, a seven-member girl group from South Korea. She joined the group after their debut as a six-member group and has brought her unique talent and charm to the team.

While she hasn’t held a specific position within the group, Sheon contributes to both vocals and dance performances. With her skills and dedication, Sheon adds an extra spark to Billlie’s performances and helps create a strong bond among the members.


Siyoon is one of the members of Billlie, a South Korean girl group formed by Mystic Story. She is known for her rap skills and serves as one of the main rappers in the group. Siyoon brings a unique energy to their performances with her powerful and charismatic stage presence.

She plays an important role in creating the group’s distinct sound and style. Siyoon has been part of Billlie since their debut in November 2021, contributing to their success as they continue to grow in popularity among K-pop fans worldwide.


Haruna is one of the members of Billlie, a South Korean girl group formed by Mystic Story. She joined the group when they added a seventh member. Unfortunately, Billlie will be coming back as a five-member group in October, which means Haruna will no longer be part of the lineup.

Even though her time with Billie was short-lived, she made valuable contributions to the group’s music and performances while she was there.

Ages and Birthdays of Billlie Members

Discover the ages and birthdays of each Billlie member, from the oldest to the youngest, and learn interesting facts about their zodiac signs! Click here to find out more about these talented Kpop idols.

Age Ranking

The members of Billlie have different ages. The oldest member is Moon Sua, who was born on October 11, 1995. She is the main rapper and dancer of the group. The youngest member is Haruna, born on February 2, 2004.

She is one of the vocals in the group. In between them are Suhyeon, Haram, Tsuki, Sheon, and Siyoon. Each member brings their own unique talents and personalities to the group despite their age differences.

Birthdays and Zodiac Signs

Let’s talk about the birthdays and zodiac signs of the members in Billlie. Each member has their own special day to celebrate. Moon Sua, who is one of the main rappers, was born on December 8th.

She is a Sagittarius. Suhyeon, one of the main vocalists, celebrates her birthday on June 13th and she is a Gemini. Haram, another main vocalist in the group, was born on September 19th and she is a Virgo.

Tsuki, who shines as the main dancer, celebrates her birthday on August 10th and she is a Leo. Sheon’s birthday falls on January 18th and he is an Aquarius. Siyoon shares his special day with Halloween as he was born on October 31st – he’s a Scorpio!

Lastly, Haruna celebrates her birthday on April 22nd and she belongs to Taurus zodiac sign.

Billlie Members’ Positions

Learn about the original positions of each member and how they have evolved over time.

Original positions

Each member of Billlie has their own original position within the group. Suhyeon and Haram are the main vocalists, showcasing their powerful and melodic voices. Siyoon and Moon Sua take on the role of main rappers, spitting out impressive verses with style.

Tsuki shines as the group’s main dancer, mesmerizing us with her incredible moves. These original positions highlight each member’s unique talent and contribute to Billlie’s dynamic sound and performances.

Changes over time

As a kpop fan, one thing you may be interested in is how Billlie has evolved over time. Well, let me tell you! When they first debuted in November 2021, Billlie was a six-member group.

However, they later added a seventh member to the lineup. This change brought new energy and dynamics to their performances. But that’s not all! Recently, it has been announced that Billlie will be coming back as a five-member group in October.

This means there have been some changes in the group’s composition once again. It’ll be exciting to see how this change will shape their future music and concepts. Keep an eye out for their upcoming releases!

Fun Facts and Trivia about Billlie

Billlie has had a successful debut, achieving impressive milestones and building a strong relationship with their fans. Interested to know more? Keep reading!

Debuts and achievements

Billlie made their debut on November 10, 2021, with their EP “The Billage of Perception.” Since then, they have achieved some notable milestones. They gained a lot of attention for their unique sound and captivating performances.

The group’s debut music video garnered millions of views within the first week of its release. Their talent and hard work were recognized when they received the Best New Female Artist award at a prestigious Kpop awards ceremony last year.

It’s clear that Billlie has already made a significant impact in the industry and will continue to achieve great things in the future.

Relationship with fans (fandom name, color, etc.)

As a kpop group, Billlie has a strong and loving relationship with their fans, who are called “Billiens.” The fandom color of Billlie is BabyBlue. Billie’s members often express their gratitude and love for their fans through social media posts and fan meetings.

They make efforts to engage with their fans by sharing behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and personal messages. The group also organizes special events and fan interactions to strengthen the bond with their fan base.

Overall, the members of Billlie appreciate the support from their fans and consider them an essential part of their journey in the music industry.

Future plans and upcoming releases

Billlie has some exciting future plans and upcoming releases! They will be coming back in October as a five-member group, so fans can look forward to new music and performances from them.

With their talent and dedication, it’s sure to be another successful chapter for Billlie. So stay tuned for updates and get ready to support the group in their next endeavors!


In conclusion, Billlie is a South Korean girl group formed by Mystic Story. They debuted in November 2021 with the EP “The Billage of Perception.” The group consists of seven talented members, each with their own unique positions and roles within the group.

With their impressive vocals, rap skills, and dance abilities, Billlie has quickly gained a dedicated fanbase. Stay tuned for more exciting releases from this talented group!

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