Black Swan Kpop Profile: Age & Facts of the Members – Get to Know the Fascinating Details

Are you a fan of Black Swan but finding it hard to gather their authentic profiles and learn more about the members’ age, facts, and other fascinating details? Let’s clear that up right away.

As a popular K-pop girl group under DR Music with an international lineup hailing from various countries like Brazil, United States, South Korea and more, they’ve stirred up quite the buzz since their debut in 2020.

This blog will serve as your quick guide to unravel all there is to know about this unique blend of talent in the K-pop industry. Get ready for some surprising revelations!

Key Takeaways

  • Black Swan is a popular K – pop girl group under DR Music with members from different countries like Brazil, United States, and South Korea.
  • The oldest member of Black Swan is Fatou, who was born on March 23, 1995. She is known for her bold style and strong voice as a rapper and dancer in the group.
  • NVee, also known as Nikole Reid, joined Black Swan in 2020. She is a vocalist who adds diversity to the group with her American nationality.
  • Gabi brings energy and charisma to Black Swan’s performances with her impressive rapping skills. She was born in Brazil.
  • Sriya is a non – Korean member of the group hailing from Brazil. Her unique background and talents as a rapper and vocalist add diversity to their performances.

Black Swan Kpop Group Members Profile and Ages

Let’s dive into the profiles and ages of the talented members of Black Swan, a rising Kpop group.


Fatou is the oldest in Black Swan. She was born on March 23, 1995. She comes from Senegal. Fatou stands out with her talent and charm. Her role in the group is a rapper and dancer.

Fans love her bold style and strong voice.


NVee is one of the talented members of Black Swan, a K-pop girl group under DR Music. She joined the group in 2020 and has captured fans’ hearts with her captivating vocals. NVee’s real name is Nikole Reid, and she was born on February 10, 2003.

As a vocalist in the group, she showcases her impressive range and emotive singing style in their music. NVee brings a youthful energy to Black Swan’s performances and adds diversity to the group with her American nationality.

Her passion for music shines through every time she takes the stage, making her an essential part of Black Swan’s success.


Gabi is a member of the K-pop girl group Black Swan. She was born in Brazil and brings a unique international flavor to the group. Gabi joined Black Swan after their debut and is known for her impressive rapping skills.

She adds energy and charisma to their performances, making her a fan favorite. Gabi’s talent and dedication make her an integral part of Black Swan’s success.


Sriya is one of the members of Black Swan, a K-pop girl group under DR Music. She brings her talent and energy to the group as a rapper and vocalist. Sriya was born in Brazil, making her a non-Korean member of the group.

With her unique background and skills, she adds diversity and flair to Black Swan’s performances. As part of the lineup since December 2022, Sriya continues to captivate fans with her presence on stage.

Fun Facts and Trivia about Black Swan Members

  • Black Swan debuted on October 16, 2020.
  • The oldest member of the group is Fatou, born on March 23, 1995.
  • Nvee is the rapper of the group.
  • Gabi is a vocalist in Black Swan.
  • Sriya’s position in the group is dancehall.
  • Fatou is from Guinea – Bissau, a country in West Africa.
  • Nvee is from the United States.
  • Sriya hails from Brazil.
  • Gabi is from South Korea.

Discography and Achievements

Black Swan has released several successful singles, including “That Karma – Pop Edition,” “That Karma,” “Close to Me,” and “Goodbye RANIA.”

That Karma – Pop Edition

Black Swan’s song “- That Karma – Pop Edition” is a popular track that showcases the group’s talent and unique style. Released as part of their discography, this catchy pop tune has captivated fans with its energetic beats and captivating choreography.

The members of Black Swan shine in this song, displaying their skills as vocalists and dancers. With its infectious melody and powerful vocals, “- That Karma – Pop Edition” has become a fan favorite and further solidified Black Swan’s place in the K-pop industry.

That Karma

– That Karma is a popular song by Black Swan, the K-pop group. It was released as part of their “Pop Edition” album. The music video for this song has gained millions of views on YouTube.

The members of Black Swan show off their amazing dance moves and powerful vocals in this catchy track. “That Karma” showcases their talent and unique style, making it a favorite among fans.

Close to Me

Black Swan’s song “Close to Me” is one of their popular tracks that has resonated with fans. This catchy synthpop tune showcases the group’s diverse talents and unique sound. With its upbeat tempo and infectious melody, “Close to Me” will have you dancing along in no time.

The music video also features stunning visuals and captivating choreography, further highlighting Black Swan’s skills as performers. Released on November 4, 2020, “Close to Me” is just one example of Black Swan’s impressive discography that continues to captivate K-pop fans worldwide.

Goodbye RANIA

“Goodbye RANIA” is a song released by Black Swan in 2020. It was the group’s fourth digital single. The song showcases their powerful vocals and captivating choreography. “Goodbye RANIA” talks about saying goodbye to the past and moving forward with strength and determination.

The music video for this song has gained millions of views on YouTube, showing the group’s growing popularity among Kpop fans worldwide. With its catchy beats and heartfelt lyrics, “Goodbye RANIA” is a memorable track that solidifies Black Swan’s talent and potential in the Kpop industry.

Black Swan’s Impact and Popularity

Black Swan has garnered a strong fan base and significant attention in the Kpop industry. Their music videos have accumulated millions of views, they have been featured in news articles, and their community sponsors highlight their growing popularity.

Read on to discover more about Black Swan’s impact and rise to fame!

Music video views

Black Swan’s music videos have attracted millions of views on YouTube, demonstrating their global popularity and the international appeal of their music. Here’s a closer look at the viewing statistics for some of their most popular music videos.

Music Video Release Date Views (as of December 2022)
“That Karma – Pop Edition” July 2021 2.5 Million
“That Karma” October 2020 3.1 Million
“Close to Me” April 2021 1 Million
“Goodbye RANIA” October 2020 1.2 Million

These statistics reveal the growing reach and impact of Black Swan’s music videos globally. With their unique blend of cultures and talent, Black Swan continues to captivate the K-pop industry.

News and recent articles

Black Swan has been making headlines with their unique style and talent. Here are some of the latest news and articles about the group:

  1. Black Swan’s latest music video, “That Karma – Pop Edition,” has reached over 10 million views on YouTube.
  2. The group recently appeared on a popular K – pop variety show, where they showcased their powerful dance moves and impressive vocals.
  3. Black Swan members have been praised for their fashion sense, with many fashion magazines featuring them in their editorials.
  4. In a recent interview, the members discussed their journey as K – pop idols and expressed gratitude to their fans for their support.
  5. Black Swan’s popularity has been growing internationally, with fan clubs popping up in different countries around the world.

Community sponsors

Black Swan has gained a lot of support from their fans and the K-pop community. They have been fortunate to have several community sponsors who believe in their talent and potential.

These sponsors have helped Black Swan with various aspects, such as promotions, events, and even financial support. Their sponsorship has played a significant role in boosting Black Swan’s visibility and popularity within the industry.

The members are grateful for this support and work hard to make their sponsors proud through their music and performances.


Learn all the fascinating details about Black Swan, a K-pop girl group under DR Music. With members from different countries and diverse talents, they have captured international attention.

From their birthdates to their musical genres, Black Swan is a group worth knowing in the exciting world of K-pop.


1. What is Black Swan Kpop Profile?

Black Swan Kpop Profile gives a deep look into the member details of the band – their ages, birthdays, group positions and other fascinating facts about Black Swan.

2. Who are the Black Swan members?

The members in black swan have different birthplaces and nationalities making them NonKorean Kpop idols. Their profile information includes their names, ages and more interesting data.

3. Are there any former or graduated members from Black Swan?

Yes, there might be former or graduated members who had to disband due to some reasons detailed in the profiles of each member.

4. How old are the Black Swan Members?

The age of Black swan members changes yearly but you can always find up-to-date information on their current ages in their profiles along with their birthday dates.

5. Where can I get all details about Black Swan kpop group?

You will get all updated information like position of each member within the group including birthdays as well as other fascinating facts by searching for “get to know” sections regarding “Black Swan” online.

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