All the Essential Facts About Chaeyoung (TWICE): Profile, Age & More

So, you’ve found yourself intrigued by the mesmerizing world of Kpop, asking – who is that captivating rapper in TWICE? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s easy to be caught up in the allure of Son Chae Young, popularly known as Chaeyoung.

From her humble beginnings to impressive career milestones, I have put together all the fundamental info about this remarkable artist for your enjoyment. So buckle up and come along as we embark on a journey exploring the captivating life of Chaeyoung – truly one of Kpop’s shining stars!

Key Takeaways

  • Chaeyoung, also known as Son Chae Young, is a talented rapper and vocalist in the popular Kpop group TWICE.
  • She joined JYP Entertainment at the age of 13 after passing auditions and has since become a key member of TWICE.
  • Despite being the shortest member of the group, Chaeyoung shines on stage with her powerful rapping and sweet vocals.


Chaeyoung, whose real name is Son Chae Young, is a talented South Korean rapper and vocalist. She holds the position of main rapper in the popular girl group TWICE. Born on April 23, 1999, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Standing at a height of 163 cm and weighing 48 kg, she adds her unique energy to TWICE’s performances. Her blood type is B, adding to her overall profile as an artist in the music industry.

Real name: Son Chae Young

I’m sure you know her as Chaeyoung, the rapper from TWICE. But did you know her real name isn’t actually Chaeyoung? It’s Son Chae Young! This is a common thing in South Korea. Many celebrities use stage names instead of their real ones.

So, even though we call her Chaeyoung on the stage, she goes by Son Chae Young when not performing.

Nationality: Korean

Chaeyoung is a Korean artist and a member of the popular Kpop group TWICE. She was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Along with being a talented rapper and singer, she is also known for her skills as a songwriter and designer.

Chaeyoung’s nationality is Korean, which means she proudly represents her country’s music industry on the global stage. Being part of TWICE has given her the opportunity to connect with fans from all over the world and share her love for Kpop with people of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Position: Main rapper, vocalist

Chaeyoung is the main rapper and vocalist of TWICE. She uses her rap skills to bring a unique flavor to the group’s songs, while also showcasing her impressive singing abilities. With her powerful and versatile voice, Chaeyoung adds depth and energy to TWICE’s music.

She’s not only a talented rapper but also a skilled singer who can captivate listeners with her vocal range and emotive performances. As one of the key members of TWICE, Chaeyoung plays a vital role in creating their signature sound.

Birthday: April 23, 1999

Chaeyoung’s birthday is on April 23, 1999. She was born in Seoul, South Korea. As a member of TWICE, she is known for being the main rapper of the group. Chaeyoung also has a talent for songwriting and designing.

She even wrote the rap part in TWICE’s remake of “Precious Love.” Her love for drawing is well-known among fans. Despite being the shortest member of TWICE, Chaeyoung never fails to impress with her skills and charisma on stage.

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Chaeyoung’s zodiac sign is Taurus, which means she was born between April 20 and May 20. Taureans are known for being reliable, practical, and hardworking. They are also loyal and value stability in their lives.

As a Taurus, Chaeyoung may display these traits in her personality and approach to her career.

Height: 163 cm

Chaeyoung, the talented member of TWICE, stands at a height of 163 cm. Despite being the shortest member of the group, she shines brightly with her incredible skills and stage presence.

Her height doesn’t hold her back as she captivates audiences with her powerful rapping and sweet vocals. Chaeyoung proves that talent knows no bounds, regardless of stature!

Weight: 48 kg

Chaeyoung weighs 48 kg. She is known for being the shortest member of TWICE and has a petite figure. Despite her small stature, Chaeyoung’s talent and energy on stage shine through, making her an integral part of the group.

Her weight is just one aspect of who she is as an artist, and it doesn’t define her abilities or contributions to the music industry.

Blood type: B

Chaeyoung’s blood type is B. This is just a small detail about her, but it’s interesting to know! Blood types are believed to have some influence on personality traits in Korean culture.

In this case, people with blood type B are often described as creative and independent. It’s cool to see how even something like blood type can be a topic of conversation when talking about our favorite idols like Chaeyoung from TWICE!

Early Life and Career

Before joining JYP Entertainment, Chaeyoung engaged in various pre-debut activities such as attending dance lessons and participating in auditions from a young age. She caught the attention of JYP Entertainment when she successfully passed their audition at the age of 13.

Pre-debut activities

Before joining TWICE, Chaeyoung had some pre-debut activities that helped shape her career. She passed auditions at the age of 13 and joined JYP Entertainment, where she received dance lessons and training to become a Kpop idol.

Her journey started on June 6, 2012, when she successfully auditioned to become a member of TWICE. This opportunity paved the way for her to showcase her talent as a rapper and singer in the music industry.

Plus, with her love for drawing and designing, Chaeyoung brings unique creativity to the group. All these experiences prepared her for the success she would achieve as part of TWICE in the world of Kpop and pop culture.

Joining JYP Entertainment

I joined JYP Entertainment after passing auditions on June 6, 2012. It was a big moment for me because it meant I had the chance to become a member of TWICE. I was just 13 years old at that time, and I couldn’t believe my luck.

JYP Entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea, and being part of it was like a dream come true. It’s where I started my music career and where I met my fellow TWICE members.

We’ve been through so much together, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing journey.

Passing auditions at age 13

I auditioned for TWICE when I was just 13 years old. It was on June 6, 2012, that I got the amazing opportunity to become a member of this incredible girl group. It feels like it was just yesterday! I am so grateful for this chance and all the experiences I have had since then.

Being a part of TWICE has been a dream come true for me.

Fun Facts and Trivia

– Chaeyoung’s nickname is Chaeng.

– She has modeled for children’s publications before her debut with TWICE.

– Chaeyoung wrote the rap for Twice’s “Precious Love” remake.

– She is the shortest member of TWICE, with a height of 163 cm.

Nickname: Chaeng

Chaeyoung, also known by her nickname “Chaeng,” is a member of the popular Kpop girl group TWICE. She earned this nickname from her adoring fans who love her energetic and charismatic personality.

Chaeng is known for being the shortest member of TWICE but that doesn’t stop her from shining on stage. In addition to her incredible rapping skills, she’s also a talented songwriter and has even written rap lyrics for TWICE’s song “Precious Love.” Chaeng’s creativity extends beyond music too, as she also loves drawing in her free time.

With all these talents and her lovable nickname, it’s no wonder why fans adore Chaeng so much!

Modeled for children’s publications

As a kpop fan, you may be interested to know that Chaeyoung, the main rapper of TWICE, also had modeling experience for children’s publications. Alongside her music career, she showcased her talent by appearing in magazines aimed at younger audiences.

This shows her versatility as an artist and demonstrates her ability to connect with fans of all ages. Chaeyoung’s modeling work reflects her multifaceted skills and adds another dimension to her already impressive portfolio.

Wrote rap for Twice’s “Precious Love” remake

Chaeyoung, the talented member of TWICE, showcased her songwriting skills when she wrote the rap for their remake of “Precious Love” by Park Ji Yoon. This goes to show her versatility as an artist, not only excelling in rapping and singing but also contributing to the creative process behind their music.

Chaeyoung’s dedication and talent truly shine through in every aspect of her work.

Shortest member of Twice

Chaeyoung is the shortest member of TWICE, the popular K-pop girl group. Despite her petite stature, she shines brightly with her talents as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. While height may not define someone’s abilities, it’s interesting to note this unique characteristic about Chaeyoung.

She proves that talent knows no bounds, regardless of physical appearance. Her charisma and skills on stage continue to captivate fans all around the world.

Controversies and Discography

In terms of controversies, Chaeyoung faced backlash for a t-shirt she wore during a concert that featured the words “Auschwitz” and “Nagasaki.” She apologized for any offense caused and explained that she was unaware of the historical implications.

As for her discography, Chaeyoung has been credited as a songwriter on several TWICE tracks, including their hit songs “Eye Eye Eyes” and “Precious Love.”.

T-shirt controversy

During the T-shirt controversy, Chaeyoung faced backlash for wearing a shirt that featured imagery associated with Japan’s colonial rule over South Korea. The controversy sparked outrage among fans and led to an apology from JYP Entertainment.

Despite the controversy, Chaeyoung has continued to work hard and contribute her talents to TWICE’s music career.


Chaeyoung has also been involved in various collaborations throughout her career. She participated in the song “Eye Eye Eyes” with TWICE, showcasing her rap skills alongside her fellow group members.

Additionally, Chaeyoung has contributed to writing and composing songs for TWICE’s discography, showcasing her talents as a songwriter. These collaborations have allowed Chaeyoung to showcase different aspects of her musical abilities and contribute to the success of TWICE in the Kpop industry.

Songwriting credits

I’ve got some exciting news for you! Chaeyoung, apart from being an amazing rapper and singer, is also a songwriter. She showcased her songwriting skills by writing the rap part for TWICE’s remake of “Precious Love” by Park Ji Yoon.

Isn’t that awesome? It just goes to show how talented she is in all aspects of music.


Chaeyoung has also ventured into the world of filmography. She has appeared in various TWICE music videos, displaying her acting skills and adding depth to their performances. Some notable music videos she has been part of include “Like OOH-AHH,” “Cheer Up,” and “Fancy.” In these videos, Chaeyoung showcases her versatility as an artist and captivates fans with her on-screen presence.

Additionally, she has made appearances in several variety shows and reality programs, allowing fans to see a different side of her personality. Overall, Chaeyoung’s ventures into filmography highlight her artistic abilities beyond singing and rapping, further solidifying her status as a multi-talented performer within the Kpop industry.


Chaeyoung, the talented rapper and singer of TWICE, has captured the hearts of Kpop fans around the world. With her unique style and creative talents, she stands out as a key member of the group.

From her early auditions to her impressive songwriting skills, Chaeyoung’s journey in the music industry continues to inspire others. As we delve into her profile and learn more about this remarkable artist, it’s clear that Chaeyoung is an essential part of TWICE’s success story.

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