Enhypen Profile Profile, Age & Facts: Get to Know the Rising K-pop Boy Group

Are you curious about the new K-pop wave taking the music industry by storm? Meet Enhypen, a rising boy group that debuted in November 2020 and has been making waves ever since. This blog post will delve into detailed profiles of each member, uncovering everything from their ages to unique facts.

Keep reading to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Enhypen!

Key Takeaways

  • Enhypen is a rising K – pop boy group that debuted in November 2020 and has quickly gained popularity.
  • The group consists of seven talented members: Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki.
  • Each member brings their own unique skills and personality to the group. They have undergone various lengths of training before debuting.
  • Enhypen’s fandom name is ENGENE. They have already achieved music show wins with their debut track “Given-Taken” and have an impressive discography.

ENHYPEN Member Profiles

Meet the talented members of ENHYPEN, a rising K-pop boy group who are capturing hearts with their music and performances.


Jungwon is the leader of Enhypen. He was born on February 9, 2004, in South Korea. Before joining Enhypen, he trained for two years and one month. He works hard to lead his team well.

Fans love his soft voice and cool dance moves. Jungwon also has a kind heart that shines through when he talks with fans or helps out his team members.


Heeseung is one of the talented members of Enhypen, the rising K-pop boy group. He was born in Uiwang, South Korea, and has an older brother. Before debuting with Enhypen, he trained for 3 years and 1 month to perfect his skills.

Heeseung’s hard work paid off as he became a part of this highly anticipated K-pop group through the reality show “I-Land.” With his dedication and talent, Heeseung is ready to make a mark in the music industry alongside his fellow members.


Jay is one of the members of Enhypen, a rising K-pop boy group. He was born in 2002 and is the same age as Jake and Sunghoon. Jay has been gaining attention for his talent and charisma.

Before debuting with Enhypen, he participated in the reality show “I-Land” where he showcased his skills as a performer. Jay brings energy to the group with his dancing and singing abilities.

As part of Enhypen, he is ready to take on the K-pop industry and captivate fans with his performances.


Jake is one of the talented members of Enhypen. He was born in 2002, making him the same age as Jay and Sunghoon. Jake hails from Australia, bringing an international flavor to the group.

Before debuting with Enhypen, he underwent training for an impressive period of time. Like his fellow members, Jake gained recognition through the reality show “I-Land,” which led to their formation as a group.

With his skills and unique background, Jake adds a dynamic element to Enhypen’s music and performances.


Sunghoon, one of the members of Enhypen, is a talented performer from South Korea. He was born in 2002, making him the same age as Jay and Jake. Sunghoon has been training for his K-pop career for quite some time, just like the other members.

He brings his unique skills and personality to the group, adding to their overall appeal. Sunghoon’s presence in Enhypen helps create a dynamic and diverse boy group that fans can’t resist.

With his passion for music and determination to succeed, Sunghoon continues to make a name for himself in the K-pop industry.


Sunoo is a member of Enhypen, the rising K-pop boy group. He is known for his bright and energetic personality. Sunoo was born on June 24, 2003, making him one of the younger members of the group.

He hails from South Korea and is admired for his unique style and fashion sense.

Before debuting with Enhypen, Sunoo trained for 1 year and 10 months to hone his singing, dancing, and performance skills. He has impressed fans with his versatility as he can rap, sing, dance, and even act.

In addition to being a talented performer in Enhypen’s music videos and live performances, Sunoo also participated in the reality show “I-Land,” which led to his debut as part of the group.

Fans love Sunoo for his infectious energy on stage and his ability to captivate the audience with his charisma. With each performance or appearance on variety shows or interviews, Sunoo continues to showcase why he is a beloved member of Enhypen.


Ni-ki is one of the members of Enhypen, the rising K-pop boy group. He was born in Japan on December 9, 2005, which makes him the youngest member of the group. Ni-ki is known for his incredible dance skills and has been dancing since he was a child.

Before joining Enhypen, he trained as a professional dancer for two years and three months. Ni-ki brings a unique energy to the group with his powerful moves and stage presence. Despite being young, he has already gained a lot of attention from fans around the world.

ENHYPEN Facts and Trivia

Learn interesting facts about ENHYPEN members, including their age rankings, blood types, and training time. Discover more about this rising K-pop boy group!

Age rankings

As fans, it’s exciting to know the age rankings of ENHYPEN members. Below is the age rankings for each member, starting from the oldest to the youngest:

Rank Member Birthday
1 Heeseung October 15, 2001
2 Jay April 20, 2002
3 Jake November 15, 2002
4 Sunghoon December 8, 2002
5 Sunoo June 24, 2003
6 Jungwon February 9, 2004
7 Ni-ki December 9, 2005

From the table, we can see that Heeseung is the oldest member, born on October 15, 2001. This makes him the group’s big brother and leader. The youngest member, Ni-ki, was born on December 9, 2005. This makes a 4-year age gap between the oldest and the youngest member. Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon are all the same age, born in 2002.

Blood types

Enhypen’s members have different blood types, which is a common topic among K-pop fans. Heeseung and Sunghoon both have type A blood, while Jay has type O. Jake and Ni-ki have type B blood, and Jungwon and Sunoo have the rare AB blood type. Blood types in K-pop are often believed to reflect certain personality traits or compatibility with other members, but it’s important to remember that these are just fun speculations and not scientifically proven. So if you’re curious about Enhypen’s blood types, now you know!

Training time

Enhypen underwent a training period before debuting in the K-pop industry. Here are some facts about their training time:

  • Heeseung trained for 3 years and 1 month before joining Enhypen.
  • Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon also had a similar training time of 3 years and 1 month.
  • Sunoo trained for 2 years and 6 months before becoming a member of Enhypen.
  • Jungwon had the shortest training period among the members, with 2 years and 3 months of training.
  • Ni – ki, the youngest member, trained for 1 year and 9 months.

Quick guide to members

Here’s a quick guide to the members of Enhypen:

  1. HEESEUNG: He is from Uiwang, South Korea and has an older brother. He had a training period of 3 years and 1 month before debuting with Enhypen.
  2. JAY: Jay was born in 2002 and is from Seattle, Washington, USA. He is known for his great dancing skills.
  3. JAKE: Jake, also born in 2002, hails from Brisbane, Australia. He is the group’s lead guitarist and speaks Korean, English, and basic Spanish.
  4. SUNGHOON: Another member born in 2002, Sunghoon comes from Pohang, South Korea. He is a talented dancer and has experience with ballet.
  5. SUNOO: Born in 2003, Sunoo is from Seongnam, South Korea. He enjoys cooking during his free time and has a bright personality.
  6. JUNGWON: Jungwon is the leader of Enhypen and was born in Gimpo, South Korea. He trained for about 1 year and 7 months before debuting.
  7. NI-KI: The youngest member of the group, Ni-ki was born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan in 2005. He started dancing at a young age and specializes in popping dance style.

ENHYPEN’s Debut and Fandom

ENHYPEN made their debut on November 30, 2020, with their mini album “BORDER: DAY ONE.” Their fandom name is ENGENE and they are under the company Belift Lab.

Debut date

Enhypen made their highly anticipated debut on November 30, 2020. This marked the official entrance of the rising K-pop boy group into the music scene. Fans had been eagerly waiting for this moment, and Enhypen did not disappoint with their energetic performances and catchy songs.

Since then, they have been making waves in the industry and gaining a loyal following of fans called ENGENE. Their debut date was a significant milestone for Enhypen, as it allowed them to showcase their talent and establish themselves as a promising new addition to the world of K-pop.

Fandom name

The fandom name for Enhypen is ENGENE. It was chosen by the group to represent their fans and the energy that they bring. The name symbolizes the connection between Enhypen and their supporters, who play a vital role in their journey as a rising K-pop boy group.

As an ENGENE, you become part of this exciting fandom and get to cheer on Enhypen as they continue to achieve new heights in the music industry. Joining this fandom means being a dedicated supporter of these talented artists and spreading love and positivity throughout the K-pop community.

So embrace your role as an ENGENE, because together we can create an unforgettable experience for Enhypen!


Enhypen is managed by Belift Lab, a joint venture between Big Hit Entertainment and CJ E&M. This collaboration brings together the expertise of two major companies in the K-pop industry to support Enhypen’s success.

Belift Lab focuses on producing and promoting talented artists, with their debut boy group being Enhypen. With the backing of these powerhouse companies, Enhypen has gained attention not only for their talent but also for their strong company support, which has contributed to their rise as a popular K-pop boy group.

ENHYPEN’s Achievements

– Music show wins, including their debut track “Given-Taken” achieving multiple wins on popular music shows.

– An impressive discography with a range of catchy and diverse tracks that showcase the group’s talent and versatility.

– Their music videos have amassed millions of views, highlighting their growing popularity among fans.

Find out more about ENHYPEN’s incredible achievements in the K-pop industry by reading the full blog post!

Music show wins

Enhypen has already achieved multiple music show wins since their debut.

  • They won their first music show award just two weeks after their debut.
  • They have continued to receive recognition and win awards on various music shows.
  • Their performances have impressed both fans and industry professionals alike.
  • Enhypen’s talent, hard work, and dedication have been rewarded with these music show wins.
  • These wins are a testament to the group’s rising popularity in the K – pop industry.


Enhypen has released several albums and singles since their debut. Here is a list of their discography:

  1. “Border: Day One” (Mini Album) – Released on November 30, 2020
  • Title track: “Given-Taken”
  1. “BORDER : CARNIVAL” (Mini Album) – Released on April 26, 2021
  • Title track: “Drunk-Dazed”
  1. “BORDER : Hakanai” (Single Album) – Released on July 26, 2021
  • Title track: “Mixed Up”
  1. “DIMENSION : DILEMMA” (Mini Album) – Released on September 6, 2021
  • Title track: Yet to be announced

Music video views

Enhypen’s music videos have gained immense popularity and garnered millions of views on YouTube. Their debut music video, “Given-Taken,” has reached over 100 million views, showcasing the group’s talent and captivating visuals. Another hit song, “Drunk-Dazed,” also achieved great success with its unique concept and catchy beats, accumulating millions of views in a short period of time. With their energetic performances and engaging storytelling through music videos, Enhypen continues to captivate fans worldwide.


Get to know Enhypen, the rising K-pop boy group that debuted in November 2020. With seven talented members from different backgrounds, they have quickly gained attention in the industry.

From their impressive training periods to their diverse nationalities, Enhypen is a group to watch out for. Stay tuned for more achievements and great music from this promising boy band!


1. Who is the rising K-pop boy group Enhypen?

Enhypen is a new, fast-growing K-pop boy band with members of varied ages and birthdays.

2. What facts are there about Enhypen members?

Each member of Enhypen has unique stuff to share like their heights, weights, positions in the band and special traits forming ENHYPEN members’ facts.

3. How old are the members of Enhypen?

The members’ ages vary, but our profile gives all this data including each member’s birthday.

4. Does Enhypen have a leader?

Yes! Each kpop boy group has a leader and so does Enhypen. The leader aids in boosting the performance of the rising kpop group.

5.What can you tell me about their debut album?

Their debut album was a hit! It showed off their talent as a rising K-pop boy band and added to their fame.

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