Eunchae Age Profile: Age & Facts about LE SSERAFIM’s Youngest Member – Trivia Included

Are you curious to know more about the youngest member of the K-pop sensation LE SSERAFIM? Eunchae, born on November 10, 2006, is a rising star in the world of Korean pop music. Our article delves into her profile, trivia, and key contributions to LE SSERAFIM’s success journey—perfect for any fan wanting insider knowledge! Get ready to uncover exciting facts about this teenage idol that will leave you amazed.

Key Takeaways

  • Hong Eunchae, born on November 10, 2006, is the youngest member of the K-pop group LE SSERAFIM.
  • Eunchae made her debut with LE SSERAFIM on May 2, 2022, at just 15 years old.
  • She is known for her vibrant personality and excellent dancing skills, earning nicknames like “Smile Potato” and “Pokemon”.
  • Eunchae’s talent as a singer, songwriter, and dancer has had a significant impact on LE SSERAFIM’s music and performances.

Eunchae’s Profile

Hong Eunchae, the youngest member of LE SSERAFIM, was born on November 10, 2006.

Name: Hong Eunchae

Hong Eunchae is the real name of a young singer. She was born in Seoul, South Korea. Eunchae is part of LE SSERAFIM’s team. This all-girl group from South Korea has six people in it.

Some call her “Smile Potato” or “Pokemon”. These nicknames show her fun side. Before she joined LE SSERAFIM, she learned singing and dancing at DEF Dance Skool. The school helps those who want to be singers or dancers one day.

Date of Birth: November 10, 2006

Eunchae was born on November 10, 2006, making her the youngest member of LE SSERAFIM. She is a talented singer and songwriter from South Korea. Eunchae debuted with LE SSERAFIM on May 2, 2022, when she was just 15 years old.

Her birth date shows that she started her K-pop journey at a young age and has already achieved so much in her career.

Age: Youngest member of LE SSERAFIM

Eunchae, born on November 10, 2006, holds the title of being the youngest member in LE SSERAFIM. At just 15 years old, she debuted with the group on May 2, 2022. Eunchae is a South Korean singer and songwriter who had been a trainee at Source Music before joining LE SSERAFIM.

Her talent and youthful energy bring a unique dynamic to the group’s music and performances. Despite her young age, Eunchae has already made significant contributions to their success.

Debut with LE SSERAFIM

Eunchae made her debut with LE SSERAFIM on May 2, 2022, showcasing her talent and adding a fresh energy to the group.

Date of Debut: May 2, 2022

LE SSERAFIM, including Eunchae, made their debut on May 2, 2022. It was an exciting moment for the group and their fans who had been eagerly waiting for their first official release.

Since then, LE SSERAFIM has been impressing audiences with their talent and music. Eunchae’s journey as a member of LE SSERAFIM officially began on that special day, marking the start of her promising career in the Kpop industry.

Eunchae’s Role in the Group

Eunchae plays an important role in the group LE SSERAFIM. As the youngest member, she brings a youthful energy and charm to their performances. She is known for her vibrant personality and excellent dancing skills.

Eunchae’s voice also adds depth and harmony to their songs. Her contributions help create a well-rounded and dynamic sound for the group. Despite being young, Eunchae has quickly become an integral part of LE SSERAFIM and continues to impress fans with her talent and dedication.

Fun Facts about Eunchae

Eunchae has earned the adorable nicknames “Smile Potato” and “Pokemon” within the group.

Nicknames: “Smile Potato” and “Pokemon”

Eunchae has two cute and playful nicknames – “Smile Potato” and “Pokemon.” These nicknames perfectly capture her cheerful personality and adorable charm. Eunchae is known for her bright smile that can light up any room, hence the nickname “Smile Potato.” And just like a Pokemon, she brings energy and excitement to the group with her lively performances.

These endearing nicknames show how loved and cherished Eunchae is by both fans and fellow members of LE SSERAFIM.

Interest in K-pop and Dancing

Eunchae has a strong interest in K-pop and dancing. Before debuting with LE SSERAFIM, she enrolled in DEF Dance Skool, one of South Korea’s popular dance academies. It trains young aspiring singers, dancers, and idols.

This shows her dedication and passion for dance. As part of LE SSERAFIM, Eunchae gets to showcase her dance skills on stage during their performances. Her love for K-pop is evident as she actively participates in the group’s music-making process as a singer and songwriter.

With her enthusiasm for both K-pop and dancing, Eunchae brings an energetic presence to LE SSERAFIM’s performances that fans can’t help but admire.

Trivia and Unique Personality Traits

  • Eunchae has earned the nicknames “Smile Potato” and “Pokemon” because of her adorable smile and energetic personality.
  • She is known for her love of K – pop, especially girl groups, and she enjoys covering their dances.
  • Eunchae is also a fan of anime and enjoys watching anime series in her free time.
  • One unique trait about Eunchae is that she has a great sense of humor and loves making others laugh with her jokes and funny antics.
  • She is described as being very kind – hearted and caring towards her fellow members, always looking out for them and ensuring everyone feels included.
  • Eunchae has a bright and positive attitude, which helps to uplift the group’s spirits during difficult times.
  • She values teamwork greatly and believes that working together is the key to achieving success.
  • Despite being the youngest member, Eunchae shows maturity beyond her years and approaches challenges with determination and resilience.

Eunchae’s Contributions and Achievements

Eunchae has showcased her talent and skills through her contributions to LE SSERAFIM’s music and performances, making a remarkable impact on the group. Find out more about her achievements by reading further!

Talent and Skills

Eunchae is a talented and skilled member of LE SSERAFIM. She has shown her abilities as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. Eunchae’s vocals bring a unique flavor to the group’s music, adding depth and emotion to their performances.

Her dancing skills are also impressive, thanks to her training at DEF Dance Skool. Eunchae’s talent and skills are evident in LE SSERAFIM’s music and performances, contributing to the success of the group within the Kpop industry.

Impact on LE SSERAFIM’s Music and Performances

Eunchae’s presence in LE SSERAFIM has had a significant impact on the group’s music and performances. Her powerful vocals and energetic dance moves add a fresh dynamic to their performances, captivating audiences with her talent.

Eunchae’s youthful energy brings a unique charm to their stage presence, creating an infectious atmosphere that fans can’t resist. Her contribution to the group’s harmonies and choreography elevates their overall performance quality, making LE SSERAFIM even more impressive as a whole.

With her passion for K-pop and dancing, Eunchae continues to inspire both her fellow members and fans alike with her dedication and hard work.


In conclusion, Eunchae is the youngest member of LE SSERAFIM, a Kpop group under Source Music. She made her debut at 15 years old and has already gained attention for her talent and unique personality traits.

With her contributions to the group’s music and performances, Eunchae is proving to be an important member of LE SSERAFIM.


1. What is Eunchae’s age profile?

Eunchae’s age profile includes her birth date, zodiac sign, Chinese zodiac sign and other facts about her as the youngest member or ‘Maknae’ of LE SSERAFIM.

2. Where is Eunchae from?

Eunchae’s bio tells that she was born in a certain place. This info is part of her age profile along with other details like height and weight.

3. Is there any trivia included for LE SSERAFIM’s youngest member?

Yes, interesting tidbits such as Eunchae’s ideal type are added to provide more fun facts about this maknae of LE SSERAFIM.

4. How does the average age fit into all these details?

The average age can show how young or old a group like LE SSERAFIM tends to be; it often gets calculated using the ages of its members, including Maknaes like Eunchae.

5. Besides Eunchae’s personal data, what else we learn by looking at an “age profile?”

An “Age Profile” gives insights not just regarding personal data but also family background; for instance, it might list out who belongs to Euncha’s family.

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