fromis_9 Profile, Age & Facts: Get to Know the Members of fromis_9

Are you a fan of K-pop, and curiously exploring the world of fromis_9? Fromis_9 is a thriving South Korean girl group with nine talented members. This blog post will provide an in-depth look into their profile, ages and reveal fascinating facts about them.

Keep reading as we embark on this insightful journey to get to know the stars of fromis_9.

Key Takeaways

  • The K – pop girl group fromis_9 has nine talented members, including Saerom, Hayoung, Jiwon, Jisun, Seoyeon, Chaeyoung, Nagyung, Jiheon.
  • Each member of fromis_9 contributes their unique talents to the group’s music and performances.
  • The age range in fromis_9 spans from the oldest member Saerom (born in 1997) to the youngest member Jiheon (born in 2003).
  • Fun facts about fromis_9 include being formed through the reality show “Idol School,” their fan club name “Flover,” and individual member accomplishments.

fromis_9 Members Profile

Meet the talented members of fromis_9, the South Korean girl group taking the K-pop industry by storm.


Saerom is the oldest member of fromis_9. Her full name is Lee Sae-rom. She has a strong role in the group as its leader. Saerom also turns heads with her skills in singing and dancing.

She works hard to make sure all group tasks go well. Fans love Saerom for being kind and helpful to others in fromis_9. Her voice is clear and bright when she sings, making songs fun to listen to!


Hayoung is a member of the K-pop girl group fromis_9. Her full name is Song Ha-young, and she was born on August 3rd. Hayoung is known for her beautiful voice and amazing dancing skills.

She is one of the lead vocalists in fromis_9 and captivates fans with her powerful performances. In addition to her talent, Hayoung has a friendly and outgoing personality that endears her to both the group members and fans alike.

She brings energy and charm to the stage, making every performance memorable. As part of fromis_9, Hayoung continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her incredible talent and passion for music.


Jiwon is a member of the K-pop girl group fromis_9. Her full name is Park Ji-won, and she is known for her talent as a lead vocalist in the group. Jiwon is part of the energetic performances that fromis_9 brings to their music.

She joined the group when it was formed in January 2018 under Stone Music Entertainment. Alongside her fellow members, Jiwon has released albums and singles since their debut, gaining both local and international fans.

As part of fromis_9, Jiwon contributes to their catchy pop music and captivating stage presence. She continues to be an active member in the K-pop industry, exciting fans with her future activities with fromis_9.


Jisun is a member of the K-pop girl group fromis_9. She joined the group when they debuted in January 2018 under Stone Music Entertainment. Jisun’s full name is Roh Ji-sun. She is one of the lead vocalists in the group, known for her beautiful and powerful singing voice.

Jisun also contributes to the group’s performances with her dancing skills. Her blood type is O, and she stands at an average height compared to other members of fromis_9.

In addition to her talents, Jisun has gained popularity among fans for her charming personality and stage presence. Although she may not be the oldest or youngest member in the group, she holds an important role as part of fromis_9’s overall dynamic.


Seoyeon is a member of the K-pop girl group fromis_9. She joined the group when they debuted in January 2018 under Stone Music Entertainment. Seoyeon’s full name is Lee Seo-yeon, and she has been captivating fans with her talents as a lead vocalist.

She stands at a height that adds to her stage presence, and her blood type is known to be A. As part of fromis_9, Seoyeon has been actively involved in releasing albums and singles that showcase their catchy pop music style.

Fans admire her for her cheerful personality and passion for performing on stage. With fromis_9 continuing to make waves in the K-pop industry, fans are excited about what the future holds for this talented idol group.


Chaeyoung is a member of the K-pop girl group fromis_9. Her full name is Lee Chae-young, and she was born on May 14, 2000. Chaeyoung is known for being one of the lead vocalists in the group.

She has a sweet and powerful voice that adds depth to their songs. She is also recognized for her dancing skills and captivating stage presence. Chaeyoung’s native name is 이채영, and she weighs around 45 kilograms.

Along with her fellow members, she debuted under Stone Music Entertainment in January 2018. Fans are always excited to see what Chaeyoung will bring to future fromis_9 performances and releases!


Nagyung is one of the talented members of fromis_9, a popular K-pop girl group. She joined the group in 2018 and has been entertaining fans with her amazing skills ever since. Nagyung’s full name is Lee Nagyung, and she holds the position of lead vocalist in the group.

She has an incredible voice that captivates audiences whenever she sings. Nagyung is also known for her charming personality and beautiful visuals, which have made her a favorite among fans.

Together with her fellow members, Nagyung continues to impress with their catchy music and high-energy performances.

Nagyung’s role in fromis_9 adds depth to their songs, as her vocals contribute to creating a harmonious sound that fans love. Her dedication and hard work make her an integral part of the group’s success.


Jiheon is one of the members of fromis_9, a K-pop girl group. She is the youngest member of the group and has a bright and charming personality that fans adore. Her full name is Baek Ji-heon.

Jiheon joined fromis_9 when she was just 15 years old and her talent as a singer and dancer quickly caught people’s attention. She brings energy to their performances with her powerful vocals and impressive dance moves.

Despite being the maknae (youngest member), Jiheon holds her own among her older groupmates, showcasing both maturity and professionalism on stage. Fans love Jiheon for her sweet smile, playful nature, and passion for music, making her an integral part of fromis_9’s success.

Former Members of fromis_9

One former member of fromis_9 is Gyuri.


Gyuri, whose full name is Baek Gyuri, was a former member of fromis_9. She was born on December 27th, 1997. Gyuri participated in the survival reality show “Idol School,” where she showcased her talent and caught the attention of fans.

However, due to personal reasons, she left the group in August 2019. Despite her departure, Gyuri remains cherished by fans for her contributions during her time with fromis_9.

fromis_9 Age Ranking

The age distribution in fromis_9 is diverse, ranging from the group’s leader, Saerom, who is the oldest, to Jiheon, who is the youngest member. Here is a comprehensive ranking of the members of fromis_9 by age:

Rank Member Full Name Date of Birth
1 Saerom Lee Sae-rom January 7, 1997
2 Hayoung Song Ha-young September 29, 1997
3 Jiwon Park Ji-won March 20, 1998
4 Jisun Roh Ji-sun November 23, 1998
5 Seoyeon Lee Seo-yeon January 22, 2000
6 Chaeyoung Lee Chae-young May 14, 2000
7 Nagyung Lee Nagyung June 1, 2000
8 Jiheon Baek Ji-heon April 17, 2003

Note, the six-year age gap between the oldest and youngest member, contributes to the group’s unique dynamic and variety of styles.

Fun Facts and Trivia about fromis_9

  • Fromis_9 was formed through the survival reality show “Idol School” in 2017.
  • The group’s official fan club name is “Flover,” which stands for “Fromis Lover.”
  • Hayoung and Jiheon were both contestants on the survival show “Produce 48” before debuting with fromis_9.
  • Jiwon and Chaeyoung are known for their dance skills, and they have been praised for their powerful performances.
  • Nagyung is a talented painter and has shared her artwork with fans on social media.


Get to know the members of fromis_9! This K-pop group has captured the hearts of fans with their catchy music and energetic performances. From Saerom to Jiheon, each member brings something special to the group.

Stay tuned for more amazing music and performances from fromis_9!


1. What is ‘fromis_9 Profile, Age & Facts: Get to Know the Members of fromis_9’?

It’s a collection of facts about the Kpop group fromis_9. It gives info on members’ birth dates, ages, and roles in the band.

2. Does ‘fromis_9 Profile, Age & Facts: Get to Know the Members of fromis_9’ tell me their weights?

Yes! The profile shares how much they weigh besides other things like birthdays and job positions.

3. Who has the role of “Maknae” in ‘fromis_9 Profile, Age & Facts: Get to Know the Members of fromis_9’?

The Maknae title goes to the youngest member in a Kpop group like Fromis 9. You can find out who it is in this profile!

4. Will I learn about each person’s job position in ‘fromis_9 Profile, Age & Facts: Get to Know the Members of fromis_9’?

Of course! The profile talks about each member’s role or position within Fromis 9 and many other helpful facts.

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