Jaehyun Profile, Age & Facts: All You Need to Know About NCT 127 Member

Navigating the vast ocean of information to find comprehensive content about NCT 127’s Jaehyun can feel like an overwhelming task. Believe me, I completely get it. Like a fellow fan, I have also plunged into hours of scouring for accurate and updated insights about this talented heartthrob.

This blog post aims to be your ultimate guide to all things Jaehyun – from his profile and age, down to some delightful trivia! So buckle up, as we’re about to dive headfirst into a sea teeming with exciting revelations about your beloved K-pop star!

Key Takeaways

  • Jaehyun, whose real name is Jung Yoon-oh, was born on February 14, 1997 in Seoul, South Korea. He is a member of the K-pop group NCT 127.
  • Jaehyun stands at a height of 180 cm (5’11”) and weighs approximately 63 kg (139 lbs). He has type A blood and his MBTI personality type is INFJ.
  • In addition to his music career with NCT 127, Jaehyun has ventured into acting projects and endorsements. He has also showcased his songwriting skills for the group’s albums.
  • Jaehyun enjoys playing basketball and has close relationships with other members of NCT as well as idols from different groups like BTS and EXO.

Jaehyun’s Personal Profile and Fun Facts

Jaehyun, whose real name is Jung Yoon-oh, was born on February 14, 1997 in Seoul, South Korea. He stands at a height of 180 cm (5’11”) and weighs approximately 63 kg (139 lbs). With his blood type being A and his MBTI personality type being INFJ, Jaehyun is known for his deep baritone voice that adds warmth and maturity to NCT 127’s vocal line.

Real name and stage name

Jaehyun is the stage name of this K-pop star. His real name is Jung Yoon Oh. He picked Jaehyun as his showbiz name when he became part of NCT. Both names are special to him. “Jung Yoon Oh” holds ties to his family and past, while “Jaehyun” shines on stage with NCT 127.

So, you see, he has two names! Each one shows a different side of this cool guy.

Birthday and age

Jaehyun, a member of NCT 127, was born on February 14th. He is currently in his twenties and fans celebrate his birthday every year. As for his age, he is one of the younger members of the group.

It’s always exciting to see how he celebrates his special day with friends and fans alike!

Birthplace and nationality

Jaehyun was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He is a Korean national and takes great pride in representing his country as a member of NCT 127. His birthplace has had a significant influence on his upbringing and career as an artist.

Being from Seoul, Jaehyun is immersed in the vibrant K-pop scene that originated in South Korea, contributing to his passion for music and performance. As a Korean artist, he embraces his heritage while connecting with fans from all over the world through his talent and charisma.

Height and weight

Jaehyun is known for his tall stature and slim figure. He stands at a height of approximately 6 feet (183 cm) and weighs around 63 kilograms (139 pounds). With his athletic build, Jaehyun carries himself with confidence on stage and showcases his impressive dance moves.

His height and weight contribute to his overall visual appeal as an NCT 127 member.

Blood type and MBTI

I have type A blood, which is a common blood type in South Korea. Jaehyun’s blood type is also A. In Korean culture, people believe that your blood type can reflect your personality traits.

For example, those with type A are often described as calm and organized.

As for his MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Jaehyun has mentioned that he identifies as an ESFJ (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging). People with this personality type tend to be friendly, caring, and responsible.

They enjoy being around others and are good at organizing events or activities. It seems like Jaehyun fits this description well!

Career and Discography

Jaehyun started his career in the entertainment industry through various pre-debut activities, including appearing in SM Rookies. He officially debuted as a member of NCT 127 in July 2016 with their debut mini album “NCT #127.” Since then, he has been actively participating in the group’s discography and has even showcased his solo endeavors through collaborations and cover songs.

In addition to his music career, Jaehyun has also ventured into acting projects, endorsements, and songwriting credits for NCT’s albums.

Pre-debut activities

Before debuting with NCT 127, Jaehyun trained for four years under SM Entertainment. He was scouted through a street cast in South Korea and impressed the company with his talent. During his trainee days, he received vocal training and worked on improving his dancing skills.

Jaehyun participated in various practice sessions, performances, and showcases to showcase his abilities before officially becoming a member of NCT 127.

Debut with NCT 127

I debuted with NCT 127, a South Korean boy group, after training for 4 years. I was accepted into SM Entertainment through a street cast in Seoul. Being the lead dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper of NCT U and NCT 127 has been an amazing experience.

It’s been great working alongside my fellow members and showcasing our talents to our fans. We’ve released some incredible music together and have had the opportunity to perform on various stages around the world.

Debuting with NCT 127 has been a dream come true for me!

Solo endeavors and acting projects

Jaehyun has also ventured into solo activities and acting projects. In addition to his music career with NCT 127, he has released solo covers on various platforms, showcasing his vocal abilities.

Jaehyun has also shown his talent as an actor through appearances in dramas such as “Dear.M” and “Love Revolution.” His performances have been praised for their natural and charismatic acting skills.

It is evident that Jaehyun’s talents extend beyond singing and dancing, making him a well-rounded artist in the entertainment industry.


Jaehyun has also been involved in various endorsement deals throughout his career. He has been selected as a brand ambassador for several popular brands, showcasing his popularity and influence in the industry.

Some of the endorsements he has done include fashion and cosmetic brands. These partnerships not only showcase Jaehyun’s sense of style but also highlight his versatility and ability to appeal to different audiences.

His charisma and good looks make him an ideal choice for these endorsement opportunities, allowing him to further expand his reach beyond music.

Music releases and songwriting credits

Jaehyun has been involved in several music releases as a member of NCT 127. He has contributed to the group’s discography with his vocals and songwriting skills. Some of their notable songs include “Regular,” “Kick Back,” and “Sticker.” Jaehyun has also co-written lyrics for some of these tracks, showcasing his talent as a songwriter.

With his deep and warm voice, he adds a unique touch to NCT 127’s sound. Additionally, he has participated in collaborative projects with other artists, further showcasing his versatility as a musician.

Jaehyun’s Personality and Relationships

Jaehyun is known for his warm and friendly personality, and he has close relationships with the other NCT 127 members. He often takes on the role of a caretaker within the group and is always there to support his fellow members both on and off stage.

On social media, he shares glimpses of his daily life with fans, showing his playful side and strong bond with those around him.

Nicknames and relationships with other members

Jaehyun is known for his warm and friendly personality, which has earned him various nicknames among the NCT members. He is often called “Youngho” by his fellow groupmates, as it is his birth name.

Jaehyun has developed close relationships with many of the members, particularly Doyoung and Taeyong. They share a bond through their trainee days and have built a strong friendship over time.

Jaehyun also gets along well with Mark and Haechan, with whom he often shares playful moments during interviews and variety shows. Despite being the only baritone vocalist in NCT 127 and NCT U, Jaehyun harmonizes perfectly with the other members’ voices, creating beautiful music together as part of NCT’s vocal line.

Famous friends and social media presence

Jaehyun, being a member of the popular kpop group NCT 127, has made many famous friends in the industry. He is known to have close relationships with other members of NCT as well as idols from different groups like BTS and EXO.

Jaehyun also has a strong social media presence with millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He often shares updates about his daily life, music releases, and interacts with fans through these platforms.

It’s great to see him connecting with his fans and showing his friendly side outside of performances!

Likes and dislikes

Jaehyun has various likes and dislikes. He enjoys playing basketball, which is his favorite sport. He also mentioned that spring is his favorite season, and white is his preferred color.

It’s interesting to note that Jaehyun is the only baritone vocal in NCT 127 and NCT U, while the other members are tenors. These unique qualities make him stand out within the group.

Hobbies and favorite things

Jaehyun has a few hobbies and favorite things that he enjoys. One of his favorite hobbies is playing basketball, which he’s really passionate about. He also mentioned that his favorite season is Spring, and his favorite color is White.

It’s always interesting to learn these little details about our favorite idols, as it helps us connect with them on a personal level. Knowing Jaehyun’s hobbies and preferences gives us a glimpse into his personality and what makes him happy outside of his music career.

Recent News and Popularity

Jaehyun’s recent images and his growing popularity within the Kpop community have fans buzzing with excitement. Find out more about his other ventures and upcoming events that you won’t want to miss!

Recent images and popularity within the community

Jaehyun’s recent images have been making waves within the Kpop community. Fans can’t seem to get enough of his handsome looks and charming smile. With every new photo he shares on social media, Jaehyun captures hearts and garners even more popularity.

His stylish fashion choices and trendy hairstyles also contribute to his appeal among fans. Moreover, Jaehyun’s talent as a singer, dancer, and rapper has further solidified his position as an influential member of NCT 127.

Whether it’s through group performances or solo activities, Jaehyun continues to captivate audiences with his powerful vocals and impressive stage presence. As a result of his growing popularity, he has amassed a large following on various social media platforms where fans eagerly await updates about him.

Other ventures and upcoming events

In addition to his music career, Jaehyun has also ventured into other areas. He has appeared on various TV shows and variety programs, showcasing his charming personality and entertaining skills.

In 2020, he made his acting debut in the drama “Dear.M” where he portrayed the character Cha Minho. This allowed fans to see a different side of him as an actor. Furthermore, Jaehyun has been involved in multiple endorsements for brands such as Pepsi and Levi’s, demonstrating his popularity and influence in the industry.

As for upcoming events, NCT 127 is set to release new music and perform live concerts in the near future. Fans can look forward to seeing more of Jaehyun’s talents both on stage and screen!

References and external links

If you want to know more about Jaehyun and NCT 127, there are some references and external links that can help you. You can check out their official website or social media accounts for updates on their activities, music releases, and events.

There are also fan sites and forums where you can find more in-depth information about Jaehyun’s profile, career, and personal life. Additionally, you can watch interviews, variety shows appearances, and music videos to get a better sense of his personality and talent.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments about Jaehyun too!

Share your thoughts and comments about Jaehyun.

I think Jaehyun is such a talented and versatile member of NCT 127. I love his deep and warm vocals, and he definitely adds depth to the vocal line of the group. It’s impressive how he can switch between being a powerful rapper and a smooth dancer.

Plus, his baritone voice stands out among the tenors in NCT U as well. His dedication to basketball shows his passion for sports, and it’s fun to see him excel in something outside of music too.

Overall, Jaehyun seems like a down-to-earth person with a great personality, both on stage and off stage.


In conclusion, Jaehyun is a talented member of NCT 127 with an impressive profile. From his personal details and fun facts to his successful career in the Kpop industry, there’s a lot to know about him.

Whether it’s his deep baritone voice or his love for basketball, Jaehyun continues to captivate fans with his charm and talent. Stay tuned for more updates on this rising star!

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