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Struggling to keep up with the latest scoop on Jungwon from ENHYPEN? Did you know that Jungwon was a trainee at SM Entertainment before joining BigHit Entertainment? Discover all about this rising K-pop star‘s intriguing journey, from his early training years to captivating achievements.

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Key Takeaways

  • Jungwon, also known as Yang Jung-won, is a 19-year-old South Korean singer and member of the K-pop boy group ENHYPEN.
  • He was a trainee at SM Entertainment before joining BigHit Entertainment and debuted with ENHYPEN in 2020 after appearing on the survival show “I-LAND.
  • Jungwon has received several awards for his talent, including Rookie of the Year at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards and Best New Male Artist at the 2021 Gaon Chart Music Awards.
  • He has a strong social media presence with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram (enhypen_jungwon) and 2.4 million followers on Twitter (ENHYPEN_members).

Jungwon Profile and Biography

Jungwon, whose birth name is Yang Jung-won, is a South Korean singer and member of the K-pop boy group ENHYPEN.

Birth name and stage name

Jungwon’s real name is Yang Jung Won. That’s the name his parents gave him. But, when he steps on stage, fans know him as just Jungwon. He chose this shorter stage name to make it easy for fans from all over the world to say and remember it.

It has a nice sound and fits his bright image well!

Date of birth and age

Jungwon, the talented K-pop idol, was born on February 9, 2004. That means he is currently 19 years old as of 2023. He celebrates his birthday in February every year and falls under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Being a South Korean singer, Jungwon has achieved a lot at such a young age. It’s incredible to see how far he has come since his debut in 2020.

Birthplace and nationality

Jungwon was born in South Korea, making him a South Korean artist. His birthplace and nationality reflect his connection to the K-pop industry and the vibrant music scene in his home country.

As a member of ENHYPEN, Jungwon proudly represents his nation through his talent and creativity. Being from South Korea has shaped Jungwon’s musical journey and contributed to his success as an idol.

Height and weight

Jungwon is 175 cm tall, which is about 5’9″. He also has a shoulder width of 48 cm (18.89″). These measurements make him one of the average-sized members of ENHYPEN. Being an athlete with a background in taekwondo, Jungwon maintains a fit and healthy physique.

His height and athletic build add to his charm as a K-pop idol.

Education and talent

Jungwon’s journey as a K-pop idol started at a young age. He became a trainee at SM Entertainment when he was just 13 years old and later trained under BigHit Entertainment. During his training, Jungwon honed his skills as a dancer and musician, preparing for his future in the industry.

His dedication and hard work paid off when he debuted as a member of ENHYPEN in 2020. With his talent and passion, Jungwon continues to captivate fans with his performances on stage.

Personal life and relationships

Jungwon keeps his personal life private, but he has a close bond with his fellow ENHYPEN members. They are like a family and support each other through thick and thin. Jungwon is also known for being friendly and kind-hearted, which makes him popular among fans.

Although not much is known about his romantic relationships, he values the love and support he receives from his fans worldwide.

Jungwon’s Career and Achievements

Jungwon made his debut as a member of the K-pop group ENHYPEN after participating in the survival show “I-LAND.” He has since been actively involved in various group activities, including releasing albums and singles.

Debut with ENHYPEN

Jungwon made his debut as a K-pop idol in 2020 as a member of the group ENHYPEN. The group was formed through the reality survival show “I-LAND.” They released their first mini-album titled “BORDER: DAY ONE” on November 30, 2020.

This debut album showcased Jungwon’s dancing and singing skills, gaining him recognition among fans. Since then, ENHYPEN has been actively promoting their music and making appearances on various television shows and events.

Group activities and discography

Jungwon has been busy with various group activities and has made an impressive discography. Here are some highlights:

  1. Debut with ENHYPEN: Jungwon debuted as a member of the K-pop group ENHYPEN in November 2020.
  2. Group Activities: He actively participates in group performances, variety shows, and reality programs alongside his fellow ENHYPEN members.
  3. Discography: Jungwon has contributed to ENHYPEN’s successful discography, which includes their debut mini-album “Border: Day One” (2020) and their hit singles like “Given-Taken” and “Drunk-Dazed.”
  4. Music Show Performances: The group has showcased their talents on popular music shows, such as Mnet’s “M Countdown,” KBS’s “Music Bank,” and SBS’s “Inkigayo.”
  5. Comeback Preparations: Jungwon and his groupmates have been working hard on their upcoming comebacks, preparing new music and performances for their fans.
  6. Global Fan Meets: ENHYPEN has held virtual fan meetings and online concerts to connect with their fans worldwide, showcasing Jungwon’s stage presence and captivating performances.
  7. Collaborations: Jungwon has participated in special collaborations with his fellow members for special stages or events, bringing unique charms to the group’s performances.
  8. Music Video Releases: ENHYPEN releases visually stunning music videos for their singles, where Jungwon showcases his expressive dance moves and charismatic presence.
  9. Album Promotions: To promote their albums, including physical copies, digital releases, and merchandise, the group engages in interviews, radio appearances, and fan signing events.
  10. International Recognition: Through their energetic performances and catchy music, ENHYPEN has gained international recognition for their talent and charm, solidifying Jungwon’s position as a rising star in the K-pop industry.

Awards and recognition

Jungwon has received several awards and recognition for his talent and contributions as a K-pop idol. Here are some of the notable achievements:

  • Rookie of the Year at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards
  • Best New Male Artist at the 2021 Gaon Chart Music Awards
  • Rising Star Award at the 2021 Hellokpop Awards
  • New Hallyu Rookie of the Year at the 2021 Brand of the Year Awards
  • New Artist of the Year (Male) at the 2021 Soribada Best K – Music Awards

Brand endorsements and appearances

Jungwon has also been involved in brand endorsements and has made appearances at various events. Here are some notable ones:

  1. He became an ambassador for a popular sportswear brand.
  2. Jungwon appeared as a guest on a variety show, showcasing his charming personality.
  3. He was invited to perform at a major music festival, gaining recognition for his talent.
  4. Jungwon collaborated with a renowned fashion brand, showcasing his unique sense of style.
  5. He participated in a charity event, using his platform to raise awareness for an important cause.

Fun Facts and Trivia about Jungwon

– Jungwon’s hobbies and interests include playing video games, cooking, and watching anime.

– He is known for his eye-smile and has a charming point with his unique dimples.

– Aside from being an amazing singer and dancer, he also has a hidden talent in beatboxing.

– Jungwon is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where he interacts with fans and shares updates about his life.

Hobbies and interests

Jungwon has a variety of hobbies and interests that he enjoys. When he’s not busy with his K-pop idol activities, he likes to spend his free time playing video games and watching movies.

Additionally, Jungwon also enjoys reading books and listening to music. He is known to have a great passion for dancing and often practices different dance styles in his spare time.

With such diverse interests, Jungwon keeps himself entertained and constantly seeks new opportunities for personal growth.

Nicknames and charming points

Jungwon has a few charming points and nicknames that make him stand out. One of his notable traits is his cute and infectious smile, which fans often find endearing. He also has a unique eye shape that gives him an adorable and innocent appearance.

Another nickname given to Jungwon is “Livewire,” as he is known for his energetic and lively personality on stage. Fans love how he brings excitement to performances with his passionate dancing and captivating stage presence.

His ability to connect with the audience through his charisma and contagious energy makes him even more lovable among K-pop enthusiasts.

Hidden talents and special skills

Jungwon has several hidden talents and special skills that make him a versatile performer. Apart from being an exceptional dancer and musician, he is also skilled in taekwondo. Before his debut as a K-pop idol, Jungwon trained extensively in taekwondo and was even recognized as a talented athlete.

His training in martial arts has contributed to his stage presence and ability to execute powerful dance moves with precision. With his diverse range of abilities, Jungwon continues to impress fans worldwide with his talent and dedication to his craft.

Social media presence and followers

Jungwon enjoys a strong social media presence, boasting an impressive number of followers across various platforms. His popularity is a testament to his talent and charming personality, which resonate with his international fan base. The following table gives a snapshot of his social media presence:

Social Media Platform Number of Followers
Instagram (@enhypen_jungwon) 1.5 Million
Twitter (@ENHYPEN_members) 2.4 Million
VLive (ENHYPEN) 1.7 Million

Aside from his group’s accounts, Jungwon also maintains a personal account on Instagram, where he shares behind-the-scenes photos and updates from his daily life. His fans, affectionately known as ‘Engenes’, eagerly await each one of his posts and live broadcasts on VLive. The high number of followers on each platform is indicative of the huge impact Jungwon and ENHYPEN have made since their debut in 2020.

Interesting Photos of Jungwon

Check out these captivating photos that showcase Jungwon’s incredible visuals and unique style! Don’t miss the chance to see more of this talented artist.

Selected pictures showcasing Jungwon’s visuals and style

Jungwon has a striking visual that captivates fans. His sharp features, expressive eyes, and charismatic smile make him stand out. In pictures, he exudes confidence and radiates charm with his fashion choices and stylish poses.

From sleek streetwear to trendy outfits, Jungwon knows how to rock any look effortlessly. Whether it’s on stage or off-stage, his unique style shines through in every photo, leaving fans in awe of his visuals.


Discover the fascinating details of Jungwon’s profile, age, and facts! From his impressive career as a K-pop idol to his unique talents and charming points, Jungwon has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Keep supporting this talented artist as he continues to make waves in the music industry!


1. Who is Jungwon and what is his age?

Jungwon is a Taekwondo athlete and an entertainer trainee who was born in February. He now has years of life under his belt.

2. What are some interesting facts about Jungwon’s career?

Before he became famous, Jungwon was a trainee at SM Entertainment then BigHit Entertainment. He used to be a Taekwondo athlete as well.

3. Can you share some personal details about Jungwon?

Jungwon has blood type AB. His height makes him the shortest member among his mates. He also shares a lookalike with someone else but keeps it private!

4. What can I learn from Jungwon biography or profile?

In any good JungWon profile, you will find fun tidbits like these – from basic info such as native name and English name, to other trivia pieces regarding background information and early life details!

5.What does Aquarius Zodiac sign mean for JungWon?

His zodiac sign being Aquarius tells us that he might have certain traits common to people born in Feb! Some say they are highly creative, just like our star; but take it lightly because not everyone believes in stars!

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