KAACHI Profile, Age & Facts: Interesting Details about the Members

Are you curious about the unique Kpop group from London known as KAACHI? Their diverse backgrounds and noteworthy performances have garnered a significant global fanbase since their formation in 2020.

This blog post will reveal fascinating details about each of the members, including their profiles, ages, and intriguing facts that set them apart in the world of music. Ready to dive into the world of KAACHI? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • KAACHI is a Kpop girl group from London that gained global popularity since their formation in 2020.
  • The members of KAACHI are Chunseo, Nicole, and Coco (formerly known as Lee Jihyun), each with unique backgrounds and talents.
  • KAACHI released two singles, “Your Turn” and “Photo Magic,” blending K – pop with Western influences.
  • Despite facing challenges and lineup changes, including member departures like Dani and Nicole, KAACHI garnered a dedicated fanbase before disbanding.

KAACHI Members Profile and Ages

The members of KAACHI include Chunseo, Nicole, and Coco (formerly known as Lee Jihyun).


Chunseo is a member of KAACHI, a UK Kpop girl group. Her real name is Ruth. She was born in Valencia, Spain and is 22 years old as of 2022. People often mix up her Korean and real names because they are different due to her unique background.


One member of KAACHI is Nicole. She is part of the original lineup of the group. Not much information about her background and profile was provided in the article, but she is an important member of KAACHI.

Coco (formerly known as Lee Jihyun)

Coco, also known as Lee Jihyun, is a member of the Kpop girl group KAACHI. She was born in South Korea and later moved to London in 2016. Coco has a background in Korean traditional dance, which she started learning at the age of 10 and continued studying until university.

As part of KAACHI, Coco brings her unique skills and experiences to their performances and music.

Interesting Facts About KAACHI

– KAACHI was formed in London, making them one of the few Kpop groups originating from outside of South Korea.

– The group went through lineup changes during their time together, with members leaving and new members joining.

– Despite being a Kpop group, none of the original members had any previous training or experience in Korean traditional dance.

– KAACHI released two singles: “Your Turn” and “Photo Magic.”

– Unfortunately, the group disbanded after facing numerous controversies and challenges within the industry.

Formation of the group

KAACHI is a UK Kpop girl group that was formed in January 2020 under FrontRow Records. The original lineup included members Nicole, Dani, Chunseo, and KG. This new group made their debut in the United Kingdom on April 15, 2020.

Lineup changes

KAACHI has undergone some lineup changes since their formation in 2020. Initially, the group consisted of members Nicole, Dani, Chunseo, and KG. However, there is no specific information available about KG’s background or profile.

It is important to note that the article does not provide any recent updates on the group or reveal who the current members are. Despite these changes, KAACHI continues to captivate fans with their music and performances.

Discography and Releases

KAACHI has released two singles so far, “Your Turn” and “Photo Magic,” showcasing their unique blend of K-pop and Western influences.

“Your Turn”

“Your Turn” is one of the discography and releases of KAACHI, a UK Kpop girl group. It was their debut song released on April 15, 2020. The group showcased their talent and passion for music through this track.

Your Turn” allowed KAACHI to introduce themselves to the music industry and gain recognition as an idol group. Although there are no further details or updates about this release in the article, it remains an important milestone in KAACHI’s journey as artists.

“Photo Magic”

“Photo Magic” is one of the releases by KAACHI, a UK Kpop girl group. It was not specified when this song was released or any other details about it. However, it is worth mentioning that “Photo Magic” is a part of their discography.

The article does not provide any further information regarding the concept or success of this particular release.

Disbandment and Timeline

KAACHI faced several challenges throughout their career, leading to their eventual disbandment.

Reasons for disbandment

KAACHI’s disbandment was a result of various factors. One significant reason was the departure of some group members, including Dani and Nicole. The article does not provide specific details about their reasons for leaving the group, but this lineup change likely impacted KAACHI’s stability and cohesion.

Additionally, the challenges of navigating the competitive K-pop industry may have played a role in their decision to disband. It can be challenging for a new girl group to establish themselves and gain recognition in such a saturated market.

The pressures of training, promoting, and maintaining an active fanbase can be overwhelming, especially for a relatively unknown group like KAACHI. These factors might have contributed to the disbandment of KAACHI despite their initial debut excitement and potential as an international K-pop group formed outside South Korea.

Final lineup

The final lineup of KAACHI consisted of members Nicole, Dani, Chunseo, and KG. However, no specific information about KG’s background or profile was provided in the article. It is worth noting that the article does not give any details about the current status of the group or if there have been any changes to their lineup since its publication.

Past members

KAACHI experienced several lineup changes throughout its brief existence. In this section, we will discuss the past members of this UK-based Kpop girl group.

Member Real Name Birth Place Age
Chunseo Ruth Valencia, Spain 22
Coco Lee Jihyun South Korea Data Unavailable
Nicole Data Unavailable Data Unavailable Data Unavailable
KG Data Unavailable Data Unavailable Data Unavailable

Chunseo, originally from Spain, was one of the standout members. Her real name is Ruth. She was 22 in 2022. Coco, originally from South Korea, also had a unique background. She was known as Lee Jihyun before moving to London in 2016. Regrettably, we don’t have specific data for Nicole and KG.


In conclusion, KAACHI is a unique Kpop girl group with members from diverse backgrounds. From Coco’s journey in Korean traditional dance to Chunseo’s multicultural heritage, each member brings their own interesting story to the group.

Despite the lack of information about some members and recent updates, KAACHI has left a mark on the music industry with their debut and continues to have a dedicated fanbase.


1. What nationality and ethnicity are the KAACHI members?

KAACHI is a band with mixed ethnicity, meaning each member has her unique national and ethnic background.

2. Are all the members of KAACHI Capricorns?

No! The Zodiac sign Capricorn does not apply to all members as they have different birth dates.

3. How old are the KAACHI band members?

The age range of KAACHI’s band members varies, making them a mix of young talents in entertainment.

4. What kind of information can I find in a “KAACHI Profile”?

A “KAACHI profile” shares interesting details about the members such as their ages, nationality, ethnical background and other facts about them.

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