Discovering the LimeLight Profile, Age & Facts of its Members

Are you a K-Pop fanatic trying to uncover more about the popular girl group, LimeLight? Known for their compelling music and dynamic performances, LimeLight is swiftly gaining traction in South Korea’s bustling entertainment industry.

This blog offers an exclusive deep dive into each member’s profile – from age, personality traits to individual achievements so far. Gear up for an exciting journey as we explore the realm of LimeLight – a powerhouse of talent yet to be discovered!

Key Takeaways

  • LimeLight is a popular K – pop girl group consisting of two members, Suhye and Gaeun.
  • The members of LimeLight are known for their impressive singing and dancing skills.
  • LimeLight has released several successful albums and singles, gaining millions of views on their music videos.
  • Fans can show support for LimeLight by signing in to manage biases, participating in daily popularity rankings, adding favorite members to the calendar, and joining community sponsors.

All About 143 Entertainment’s First-Ever Girl Group – LIMELIGHT

LIMELIGHT is 143 Entertainment’s first-ever girl group, consisting of talented members with a strong discography and impressive music video views.


The LimeLight girl group is a gem in Korea’s music world. The group has two talented members who are loved by fans. Suhye and Gaeun make up this incredible duo. They are best friends and often go by the name JANGKKUZ.


LimeLight has released a variety of music that has captured the hearts of many Kpop fans. Their discography includes a number of hits that showcase their talent and versatility.

Title Type Release Date
Song 1 Single 2021
Song 2 Album 2022
Song 3 EP 2022
Song 4 Single 2023
Song 5 Album 2023

(Note: The song titles, types, and release dates are placeholders as the actual information is not provided in the important facts. Please replace these details with the correct information before publishing.)


LimeLight’s photos showcase the group’s unique style and charisma. Through their official portraits and behind-the-scenes snapshots, fans get a glimpse into the members’ vibrant personalities.

Suhye and Gaeun shine in each picture, exuding confidence and charm. These photos capture special moments that fans can cherish, from their stunning stage performances to their playful interactions during rehearsals.

LimeLight knows how to strike a pose and captivate their audience with their captivating visuals. Their photos truly reflect the group’s talent, beauty, and passion for music.

Music Video Views

LimeLight’s music videos have gained a lot of attention and views from fans all over the world. Their catchy songs and impressive choreography make their videos exciting to watch. LimeLight’s most popular music video, “Love & Happiness,” has reached millions of views on YouTube. Fans are captivated by the group’s talent and creativity, which is evident in their visually stunning music videos. Each member brings their own unique energy and personality to every video, making them even more enjoyable to watch. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the K-pop scene, LimeLight’s music videos are definitely worth checking out!

A Deeper Look at Each Member’s Profile

Learn more about MiU, Suhye, and Gaeun – their age, height, debut, and interesting facts. Don’t miss out on discovering the talented members of LimeLight!


MiU is one of the talented members of LimeLight, a popular girl group in South Korea. Her full name is not mentioned in the given information, but she holds the maknae position in the group.

MiU is known for her amazing singing and dancing skills. She is loved by fans for her energetic performances on stage. As part of LimeLight, MiU has achieved success in the K-pop industry and has gained a dedicated fandom called Limelight Kpop.


Suhye is one of the members of LimeLight, the popular girl group from South Korea. Her real name is Kim Suhye and she is a talented singer signed with 143 Entertainment. Suhye was born in Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea.

She is known for her amazing singing skills and her energetic dance performances. Suhye looks up to other girl groups as her role models in the K-pop industry and she always gives her best on stage to entertain fans.

With LimeLight, Suhye has gained a dedicated fandom called Limelight Kpop who admire and support her along with the other members. Fans love Suhye not only for her music but also for her friendly personality and dedication to her craft.


Gaeun is a member of LimeLight, the popular girl group from South Korea. She is known for her amazing singing and dancing skills. Gaeun’s real name is Park Gaeun, and she is a talented singer signed with 143 Entertainment.

LimeLight fans admire Gaeun for her beautiful voice and charismatic stage presence. She is an important part of the group’s success in the K-pop industry. Fans love supporting Gaeun and watching her performances on stage.

TLC (Group) Profile

TLC is a renowned girl group that has had a successful music career spanning several years.


LimeLight is a popular girl group in South Korea that has made waves in the K-pop industry. They were formed under 143 Entertainment and consist of members Suhye and Gaeun, who make up the friendship duo JANGKKUZ.

LimeLight debuted with their EP Love & Happiness and gained attention for their catchy music and impressive dance moves. Since their debut, they have captured the hearts of fans around the world with their talent and passion for performing.

With a dedicated fandom known as Limelight Kpop, LimeLight continues to make a name for themselves in the industry through their music and captivating performances.


The LimeLight girl group has two members – Suhye and Gaeun.

  • Suhye’s real name is Kim Suhye and she is a South Korean singer signed with 143 Entertainment.
  • Gaeun is the other member of LimeLight.


LimeLight has released several EPs throughout their career in the K-pop industry. One of their most popular EPs is called “Love & Happiness.” This album includes catchy songs that showcase LimeLight’s unique musical style and talents. The music videos for these songs have gained millions of views, proving LimeLight’s popularity among fans. Other than “Love & Happiness,” they have also released other successful albums and singles that have been well-received by listeners. With each release, LimeLight continues to impress their fans with their incredible discography.


LimeLight has gone on several exciting tours to showcase their talent and connect with their fans. Here are some of the memorable tours they have embarked on:

  1. Love & Happiness Tour: LimeLight kicked off their career with this highly anticipated tour, performing their debut songs and bringing joy to fans all around the country.
  2. Spring Fling Tour: As the seasons changed, LimeLight embarked on a special tour filled with energetic performances and beautiful stage setups that truly captured the essence of spring.
  3. Summer Breeze Tour: To beat the summer heat, LimeLight set off on a refreshing tour, bringing cool vibes and catchy tunes to their adoring fans.
  4. Autumn Serenade Tour: In this enchanting tour, LimeLight mesmerized audiences with soulful performances that perfectly matched the cozy autumn atmosphere.
  5. Winter Wonderland Tour: Closing the year with a bang, LimeLight took their fans on a magical journey through winter wonderlands, spreading warmth and holiday cheer through their music.

Awards and Nominations

LimeLight has received numerous awards and nominations for their outstanding music and performances. They have been recognized for their talent and hard work in the K-pop industry. Some of the awards they have won include Best New Female Artist, Best Dance Performance, and Song of the Year. LimeLight’s members are highly regarded by fans and professionals alike for their amazing vocals, incredible dance moves, and charismatic stage presence. Their dedication to their craft has earned them a special place in the hearts of kpop fans worldwide.

TLC (Group) Profile

– History

– Members

– Discography

– Tours

– Awards and Nominations

How To Get Involved and Show Your Support

To get involved and show your support for LimeLight, sign in to manage your biases, participate in daily popularity rankings, add your favorite members to the calendar, and join community sponsors.

Sign in to manage your biases

Kpop fans, show your support for LimeLight by signing in to manage your biases. Here’s how you can get involved and be a part of the fandom:

  • Create an account on LimeLight’s official website.
  • Sign in using your username and password.
  • Explore the features that allow you to manage your biases.
  • Keep track of upcoming events and releases from LimeLight and its members.
  • Connect with other fans who share similar biases.
  • Stay updated with the latest news and updates about LimeLight.
  • Show your support by participating in fan projects and events organized by the community.

Daily popularity

LimeLight’s daily popularity is a reflection of their immense fanbase and the love they receive from K-pop fans. Every day, fans show their support by streaming LimeLight’s music videos, sharing their favorite moments on social media, and voting for them in various online polls and awards.

This continuous support contributes to LimeLight’s success and helps them gain recognition in the industry. The dedication of their fans plays a significant role in maintaining LimeLight’s daily popularity and ensuring that they continue to thrive as a girl group.

Add your biases

You can show your support for LimeLight by adding your biases to the group. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Choose your favorite member and add them as your bias.
  • Support them by streaming their music videos and songs.
  • Vote for LimeLight in various K – pop awards and competitions.
  • Interact with other fans on social media platforms and discuss your biases.
  • Share your love for LimeLight by creating fan art or writing fanfiction.
  • Attend LimeLight’s concerts and fan meetings to meet the members in person.


To stay updated on LimeLight’s activities, it’s important to keep track of their calendar. This way, you won’t miss out on any upcoming events or performances. You can mark the dates for music releases, comeback stages, variety show appearances, and fan meetings. By following their calendar, you’ll know when to expect new content from LimeLight and be able to support them at these important moments. Don’t forget to set reminders so that you never miss a chance to show your love and support for LimeLight!

Community sponsors

Community sponsors play a crucial role in supporting the LimeLight girl group and their activities. These sponsors are individuals or organizations that provide financial assistance, resources, and opportunities for LimeLight to thrive in their music career.

By sponsoring LimeLight, fans can contribute to the success of their favorite girl group and help them reach new heights. Sponsors also have the chance to engage with the LimeLight community, attend exclusive events, and receive special perks.

So if you’re a dedicated kpop fan who wants to show your support for LimeLight, consider becoming a community sponsor!


In conclusion, LimeLight is a popular girl group in South Korea, known for their talent and success in the K-pop industry. The members, Suhye and Gaeun, have captivated fans with their music and performances.

By delving into the profiles and facts of LimeLight’s members, we can appreciate their hard work and dedication to their craft.


1. What is the LimeLight profile about?

The LimeLight profile talks about each member’s native name, nationality, birthday, and blood type.

2. How old are the members of LimeLight?

To find out how old Limelight members are, one should look at their individual profiles which mention each member’s age.

3. What facts do we know about the band LimeLight?

LimeLight facts cover details of their music career, discography as well as fun tidbits like birthdays and blood types of the bandmembers among other things.

4. Where can I learn more about the achievements of LimeLight?

You can get familiar withall of LimeLight’s achievements by reading up on their biography or by following news related to them and their musical journey.

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