All You Need to Know About Momo Twice: Profile, Age & Facts Revealed

Are you a fan of K-Pop and want to learn more about one of its shining stars, Momo from TWICE? Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, this talented artist is not just a singer but also an impressive dancer.

Our detailed blog post will provide you with everything you need to know about her – from profile details, career highlights, to fun facts and personal trivia. Let’s dive in and explore the colorful world of Momo!

Key Takeaways

  • Momo Twice, whose birth name is Momo Hirai, was born on November 9, 1996 in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan. She is a talented singer, rapper, and dancer who debuted as a member of the South Korean girl group TWICE on October 20, 2015.
  • Momo stands at a height of 164 – 167 cm and weighs around 49 kg. As the main dancer of TWICE, she showcases her impressive dancing skills and adds energy to their performances.
  • In addition to being a performer, Momo has also appeared in TV shows and music videos. She has made endorsements for various brands and is known for her fashion sense. Momo’s positive public image and influence extend beyond music.

Momo Twice Profile

Momo Twice, whose birth name is Momo Hirai, was born on November 9, 1996 in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan.

Birth name: Momo Hirai

Momo Hirai is her real name. She was born in Japan, in a place called Kyōtanabe, Kyoto. At 15 years old, she was on a show about Girls’ Generation. Being scared of roller coasters and fireworks are some fun facts about Momo.

Her star sign is Scorpio as she was born on November 9th, 1996. In the group Twice, she sings, raps and dances very well! She got removed from SIXTEEN but then brought back to be in TWICE which made her fans happy!

Birth date: November 9, 1996

Momo Twice, whose birth name is Momo Hirai, was born on November 9, 1996. She comes from Kyōtanabe, Kyoto in Japan. Momo is a talented singer, rapper, and dancer who is known for her exceptional dancing skills.

She stands at a height of 164-167 cm and weighs around 49 kg. Momo’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. Currently signed with JYP Entertainment, she debuted as a member of the popular South Korean girl group TWICE on October 20, 2015.

With her passion and talent for performing, Momo has gained popularity both in South Korea and internationally among Kpop fans.

Birth place: Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan

Momo, a talented singer and dancer, was born in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan. She started her music career in South Korea as a member of the popular girl group TWICE. Momo’s passion for dancing began at a young age and she excels in urban and hip hop styles.

Her hometown of Kyoto holds special meaning to her and has influenced her artistry. With her amazing talent and dedication, Momo continues to captivate fans around the world with her performances as part of TWICE.

Height: 164-167 cm

Momo Twice has a height of 164-167 cm. She is known for her incredible dancing skills as the main dancer of TWICE. Momo’s talent and passion for dancing have made her an important member of the group.

Despite her petite stature, she commands the stage with confidence and energy. Her height doesn’t hold her back from delivering captivating performances that fans love.

Weight: 49 kg

Momo, the talented member of TWICE, weighs 49 kg. She is known for her incredible dancing skills and vibrant personality. Born in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan, Momo has captured the hearts of many Kpop fans with her passion and talent.

Standing at a height of 164-167 cm and holding positions as the main dancer, vocalist, and rapper in TWICE, Momo continues to impress with her dedication to her craft.

Blood type: A

Momo’s blood type is A. This is a detail about her that fans often find interesting and like to know. Blood types are sometimes associated with certain personality traits in Korean culture, so fans may enjoy speculating about what Momo’s blood type might say about her.

However, it’s important to remember that these associations are not based on scientific evidence and should be taken with a grain of salt. Regardless of her blood type, Momo remains a talented singer, dancer, and rapper who has captured the hearts of many K-pop fans around the world.

Occupation: Singer, rapper, dancer

Momo is a multitalented artist who excels in singing, rapping, and dancing. As a member of the popular Kpop group Twice, she showcases her passion and talent on stage. Momo’s captivating dance moves make her stand out as the main dancer of the group.

Not only does she possess exceptional dancing skills, but she is also known for her powerful vocals and rap verses. Her dynamic performances have won over fans all around the world.

With her dedication and hard work, Momo continues to shine as a singer, rapper, and dancer in the music industry.

Group debut: Twice (October 20, 2015)

Twice made their group debut on October 20, 2015. They are a popular South Korean girl group managed by JYP Entertainment. Momo Hirai, one of the members, is known for her exceptional dancing skills and talent as a singer and rapper.

Together with her fellow TWICE members, Momo has achieved great success in the Kpop industry since their debut. Their music and performances have captured the hearts of fans all over the world.

Years active: 2015-present

Momo has been active in the entertainment industry since 2015. She debuted as a member of the South Korean girl group TWICE on October 20, 2015. Since then, she has been actively participating in the group’s music releases, performances, and other activities.

Momo’s talent as a singer, rapper, and dancer has contributed to TWICE’s success over the years. As part of JYP Entertainment, she continues to showcase her passion for music and entertain fans around the world.

Agency: JYP Entertainment

Momo is currently signed with JYP Entertainment, which is the agency that manages TWICE. JYP Entertainment is one of the top entertainment companies in South Korea and has produced many successful Kpop groups and artists.

They are known for their dedication to talent development and producing high-quality music. Momo’s involvement with JYP Entertainment has provided her with numerous opportunities to showcase her dancing skills and pursue a successful career in the music industry.

Being part of this agency has definitely contributed to Momo’s rise as a popular Kpop idol and member of TWICE.

Momo’s Career

Momo’s career spans from her early life and pre-debut activities to her success as a member of Twice, showcasing her artistry, endorsements, and influential public image. Discover more about her journey in the world of K-pop!

Early life and pre-debut activities

Momo was born on November 9, 1996, in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan.

Debut with Twice and MiSaMo

Momo made her debut with the South Korean girl group Twice on October 20, 2015. She was one of the nine members chosen through the reality show SIXTEEN. Momo’s dancing skills and talent stood out, and she became known as the main dancer of Twice.

In addition to being a great dancer, Momo also showcases her singing and rapping abilities in their songs. Alongside her fellow member Mina, she formed a subunit called MiSaMo and released a choreography video for “Love Foolish.” Their collaboration highlighted their strong chemistry and showcased their exceptional dance skills.

Since then, Momo has been an integral part of Twice’s success, bringing energy and passion to their performances.


Momo is an incredibly talented artist when it comes to her dancing skills. She is known as the main dancer in TWICE, which means she takes charge and leads the group with her amazing moves.

Momo’s dance style is a blend of urban and hip hop, and she has been taking dance lessons since she was young. Her passion for dancing shines through in every performance, captivating audiences with her energy and talent.

In addition to her impressive dancing abilities, Momo also contributes as a vocalist and rapper in TWICE, showcasing her versatility as an artist. With her dedication and hard work, it’s no wonder that Momo has become such a respected figure in the Kpop industry.


Momo has also been involved in various endorsement deals. As a popular Kpop idol, she has partnered with several brands to promote their products. These endorsements not only showcase Momo’s talent and popularity but also provide her with opportunities to expand her influence beyond the music industry.

With her charming personality and stylish image, Momo is sought after by many companies who want to collaborate with her and tap into her massive fanbase. Whether it’s fashion, beauty, or other lifestyle products, Momo’s endorsements help create more exposure for both herself and the brands she represents.

Public image and influence

Momo, as a member of the popular Kpop girl group TWICE, has made a positive impact on the public. With her exceptional dancing skills and vibrant personality, she has captured the hearts of many fans around the world.

Momo’s influence extends beyond just music; she is also known for her fashion sense and is considered a style icon by many. Her dedication to her craft and hard work have inspired others to pursue their passions fearlessly.

Through her performances and interactions with fans, Momo continues to build a strong public image that resonates with people of all ages.


In terms of Momo’s discography, she has released several albums and singles with her group TWICE. Some of their popular songs include “Cheer Up,” “TT,” and “Fancy.” These songs have achieved great success on the charts and have earned TWICE a large fanbase.

With their catchy tunes and energetic performances, Momo’s talent as a dancer shines through in their music videos and live stages. Her dance skills contribute to TWICE’s signature synchronized choreography, making them one of the most beloved girl groups in Kpop.


Momo has also appeared in various television shows and music videos. She made her acting debut in the drama “The Best Hit” in 2017, where she played the role of herself. Momo has also participated in a number of variety shows, including “Idol Room,” “Knowing Brothers,” and “Weekly Idol.” In addition to her appearances on TV, Momo has been featured in music videos for other artists such as GOT7 and Junho.

Her vibrant personality and natural talent for entertainment have made her a beloved figure among fans.

Fun Facts About Momo

Momo is known as the main dancer of Twice, showcasing her incredible dance skills. She holds Japanese nationality and was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio/Rat. When it comes to favorites, Momo has a love for fruit and her favorite number remains a mystery.

Main dancer of Twice

Momo is the main dancer of Twice, a popular South Korean girl group. She shows off her incredible dancing talent in their music videos and performances. Momo’s passion for dance started at a young age, and she has trained extensively to perfect her skills.

Her energetic and precise dance moves have captivated fans all over the world. As the main dancer, Momo adds flair and excitement to every TWICE performance, making her an integral part of the group’s success.

Japanese nationality

Momo is from Japan and has Japanese nationality. She was born in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan on November 9, 1996. Despite being a member of the South Korean girl group TWICE, Momo has proudly represented her Japanese roots throughout her career.

Being both talented and hardworking, she has gained popularity not only in Korea but also among international Kpop fans. Her success story inspires many young aspiring artists who dream of making it big in the music industry.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio / Rat

Momo, the talented dancer from the popular Kpop group TWICE, has an interesting zodiac sign. She is both a Scorpio and a Rat. Being a Scorpio, Momo is known for her determined and passionate nature.

She brings intensity to her performances with her powerful and captivating dance moves. As a Rat in the Chinese zodiac, she possesses qualities like being quick-witted and resourceful.

These traits contribute to her success as an artist in the music industry. Momo’s unique combination of signs adds depth to her personality and makes her stand out among other idols in the Kpop scene.

Favorite fruit (if available)

Momo’s favorite fruit is not mentioned in the provided information. But did you know that Momo is actually scared of roller coasters and fireworks? It’s interesting to learn fun facts about our favorite idols, isn’t it?.

Favorite number

Personal Life

Momo keeps her personal life private, and there is currently no information available about her relationship status or family background. However, she has a dedicated fanbase known as “Once” and the official fandom colors are Apricot and Neon Magenta.

Relationship status (if available)

Momo’s relationship status is not publicly known at the moment. As a member of TWICE, she has always been focused on her music career and maintaining a strong bond with her fans. Momo values her privacy, and it is common for Kpop idols to keep their personal relationships private to avoid any unnecessary distractions.

Despite this, Momo continues to receive immense love and support from her fans around the world.

Family information (if available)

Momo’s family information is not widely known or available. However, it is known that she has a younger sister named Hana Hirai. Momo prefers to keep her personal life private, so there are limited details about her family background.

As a Kpop idol, Momo focuses more on her career and the love and support from her fans rather than sharing specific family information publicly.

Fandom name

TWICE fans, also known as ONCE, are Momo’s dedicated fandom. ONCE is a fitting name for their fanbase because it represents their unwavering support and love for the members of TWICE.

As an ONCE, you can join other fans in celebrating Momo’s talents and achievements by attending concerts, buying merchandise, and participating in fan events. The camaraderie among ONCEs creates a strong sense of community and makes being part of this fandom even more special.

So if you’re a fan of Momo and TWICE, don’t hesitate to call yourself an ONCE!

Fandom color(s)

TWICE’s fandom color is Apricot and Neon Magenta. These colors represent the unity and vibrant energy of TWICE fans. When you see these colors, it’s a sign that someone is a dedicated fan of TWICE and supports Momo along with the rest of the group.

So if you spot Apricot or Neon Magenta at a TWICE concert or event, you know that those fans are there to cheer on Momo and her fellow members!


In conclusion, Momo is a talented dancer and singer who rose to fame as a member of the South Korean girl group TWICE. With her captivating performances and energetic personality, she has won the hearts of Kpop fans worldwide.

From her profile and age to interesting facts about her life, we hope this article provided you with all the essential information about Momo Twice.


1. Who is Momo and what do we need to know about her?

Momo is a lead dancer in the popular Kpop group Twice, known for her urban dancing skills. The profile gives all you need to know about Momo’s age, birthday and exciting facts.

2. What are some interesting facts about Momo from Twice?

The article provides lots of fun facts about Momo! These include details on her music career, experiences with JYP Entertainment, and insights into her life.

3. Can you tell more about Momo’s dance style in Twice?

Momo is the lead dancer in the girl group Twice under JYP entertainment. Known as a Kpop idol, she shows off exceptional urban dancing skills.

4. What kind of support does Momo have from fans?

Momo has a large fanbase who love and support her music career in the Kpop girl group twice.

5. How old is Momo from Twice?

To find out how old is she, read our detailed profile on All You Need to Know About Momo Twice: Age & Facts Revealed.

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