The Rumored Relationship Timeline of V and Jennie: A Closer Look at Their Connection

Are you one of those K-pop fans engrossed in the rumored relationship between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V? These rumors started swirling back in December 2021, intensifying fan curiosity worldwide.

This blog post will guide you through a comprehensive timeline of their supposed romance, filled with signs and evidences that fans believe validate this love story. Let’s dive into the world of these global pop icons and uncover the truth behind their speculated connection!

Key Takeaways

  • Rumors of a romantic relationship between V from BTS and Jennie from BLACKPINK started in December 2021.
  • There have been reported sightings and leaked photos of V and Jennie together, fueling speculation about their alleged romance.
  • Fans believe that social media interactions, public sightings, and subtle hints suggest that V and Jennie may be dating, but neither party has confirmed or denied the rumors.

Timeline of the Dating Rumors Surrounding V and Jennie

In December 2021, initial rumors about a possible romantic connection between V and Jennie start to circulate among fans and online communities.

December 2021: Initial rumors emerge

Buzz about V and Jennie dating started in December 2021. This came after V followed and then stopped following Jennie on Instagram. Fans didn’t miss this act. It sparked a lot of talks about them being a couple.

Thus, the tale of “V and Jennie” began to grow among fans around the world.

May 2022: First reported photo of V and Jennie leaks

In May 2022, the dating rumors surrounding V and Jennie took a leap forward with the emergence of the first reported photo of them together. The leaked picture showed V and Jennie driving through Jeju Island in South Korea.

K-pop fans were buzzing with excitement as they speculated about a possible romantic connection between the two idols. This photograph provided tangible evidence that fueled speculation and added more fuel to the fire for those who believed in their alleged relationship.

It marked an important moment in the timeline of V and Jennie’s rumored romance, further captivating fans’ attention and curiosity about their connection.

August-September 2022: More reported photos of V and Jennie leak

In August and September 2022, more photos of V and Jennie together were leaked to the public. These pictures caused even more speculation among fans about their rumored relationship.

The leaked photos showed them spending time together, further fueling the dating rumors surrounding them. Fans couldn’t help but wonder if there was something romantic happening between V and Jennie, especially with these additional pieces of evidence coming to light.

It was a significant moment in the ongoing saga of their rumored connection and kept fans buzzing with excitement and curiosity about their relationship status.

October 2022: YG Entertainment requests investigation into Jennie’s leaked private photos

In October 2022, YG Entertainment, the agency that represents Jennie, asked for an investigation into leaked private photos of her. These photos had been circulating online, causing concern and distress for Jennie and her fans.

YG Entertainment took this step to protect Jennie’s privacy and address the situation appropriately. It was a challenging time for both Jennie and her agency as they worked to handle the aftermath of this unfortunate incident while ensuring that their artist felt supported.

May 2023: V and Jennie seemingly spotted together on a date in Paris

In May 2023, something big happened in the rumored relationship between V and Jennie. They were seen together on a date in Paris! It wasn’t just a random sighting either – there was video evidence of them walking around the city together.

This made fans really excited and sparked even more speculation about their relationship. People couldn’t help but wonder if they were officially dating or just good friends enjoying each other’s company.

Either way, it was a significant moment that got everyone talking and fueled the ongoing speculation about V and Jennie’s connection.

June-September 2023: V interacts publicly with Blackpink members

During the months of June to September 2023, V from BTS was seen interacting with the members of Blackpink in public. This added fuel to the rumors surrounding his alleged relationship with Jennie.

Fans were quick to notice their interactions and speculate about what it meant for their rumored romance. The sightings of V and Jennie together, along with his friendly interactions with the other Blackpink members, only intensified the curiosity among fans and kept the dating rumors swirling around them.

Reasons Fans Believe V and Jennie Are Dating

Fans have been speculating about the romantic relationship between V and Jennie for several reasons. First, there have been multiple instances of V and Jennie being spotted together in public.

They were seen driving through Jeju Island in South Korea in May 2022, and later on, they were seemingly caught on a date in Paris in May 2023. These sightings have fueled the rumors even more.

Another reason is their social media interactions. In December 2021, V followed Jennie on Instagram, which caught the attention of fans. Although he later unfollowed her, this action sparked speculation about their relationship status.

Furthermore, some fans believe that certain lyrics and actions from both BTS and Blackpink members hint at a possible connection between V and Jennie. These small details are analyzed by netizens who try to find clues or hidden messages within their songs or performances.

Despite neither agency confirming nor denying the dating rumors, fans continue to support “V and Jennie” as a potential celebrity couple. They eagerly await any updates or official statements that could confirm their suspicions.

In conclusion, fans believe that V’s and Jennie’s sightings together along with their social media interactions and subtle hints suggest that they may be dating. While it remains unconfirmed by either party involved, supporters remain hopeful for an eventual confirmation of their relationship status.

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Speculation and Media Coverage of Their Relationship

Fans and media outlets have been buzzing with speculation about the alleged relationship between BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Since rumors first emerged in December 2021, netizens have been dissecting every interaction and social media post between the two idols.

Their dating rumors gained even more attention when V followed and then unfollowed Jennie on Instagram. This led to intense speculation among fans about whether there was something romantic going on between them.

The media coverage surrounding their rumored relationship has been extensive. Photos of V and Jennie together, whether captured by paparazzi or leaked online, have fueled the gossip mill.

In May 2022, a photo surfaced that appeared to show V and Jennie driving together through Jeju Island, South Korea. Then in May 2023, a video of them seemingly on a date in Paris circulated online.

These moments sparked further excitement among fans who were eager to see if their favorite idols were indeed an item.

Despite all the speculation and media attention, neither V nor Jennie has confirmed or denied their relationship status publicly. They have managed to keep their connection under wraps for several months without making any official statements or addressing the rumors directly.

As a result, fans are left eagerly waiting for any updates or hints about the nature of their relationship.

Impact on Fans and the K-Pop Community

The rumored relationship between V and Jennie has had a significant impact on fans and the K-pop community. Fans have been buzzing with excitement and anticipation, hoping for their favorite idols to find love and happiness.

The dating rumors have sparked discussions among fans, who analyze every interaction between V and Jennie for clues about their relationship status.

This rumored couple has also gained attention from the media, with various news outlets covering their alleged romance. The constant speculation and media coverage can sometimes put pressure on both V and Jennie, as they try to navigate their personal lives in the public eye.

Moreover, this rumored relationship has brought together fans of BTS and BLACKPINK. Supporters of both groups have come together to discuss the possibilities of V and Jennie being a couple, sharing their theories and observations.

It has created an exciting crossover for fans who enjoy both groups’ music.

In conclusion, the rumored relationship between V and Jennie has had a profound impact on fans’ enthusiasm and engagement within the K-pop community. It has ignited discussions, brought different fan communities together, and added an element of excitement to the already vibrant world of K-pop idol relationships.


In conclusion, the rumored relationship between V and Jennie has been a hot topic among K-pop fans. While there have been various speculations and alleged sightings, neither party has confirmed their romantic connection.

Despite the curiosity and excitement surrounding them, it remains unclear if V and Jennie are actually dating.


1. What is the rumored relationship timeline of V and Jennie?

The rumored relationship timeline of V and Jennie refers to speculations about their connection as Kpop idols. It includes every little insight into their dating confirmation or possible mistake.

2. Why should I take a closer look at V and Jennie’s connection?

Taking a closer look at their connection can provide the latest updates on these kpop idols, keeping you unbothered by unfounded rumors.

3. Are all speculations around V and Jennie’s relationship true?

Not all speculations may be accurate since it involves personal elements of these kpop idols’ lives, which are often private.

4. Does laughing together confirm their dating status?

No, while they might enjoy each other’s company, laughing together doesn’t necessarily confirm they are dating.

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