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Looking for a deep dive into the life and career of Kpop star Sunghoon, aka “The Ice Skating Prince”? Did you know that Sunghoon was a competitive figure skater before he became an idol? This blog provides all the juicy details about his journey from ice rinks to concert stages, revealing facts about his personality, achievements and more.

Stay tuned, this exploration may unveil some surprises even the most ardent fans didn’t know!

Key Takeaways

  • Sunghoon, also known as the “Ice Skating Prince,” is a South Korean singer and former competitive figure skater.
  • He began his figure skating career at the age of 8 and achieved notable success, including winning a junior silver medal.
  • In 2020, he made his debut as a member of the K – pop group ENHYPEN and has since showcased his talents on stage as well as in hosting roles on television shows.
  • Sunghoon takes good care of his health through regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Sunghoon’s Background

Sunghoon was born in South Korea and is a competitive figure skater.

Birth name

Sunghoon’s real name is Park Sunghoon. He was born with this name in South Korea. This same name led him to fame in the world of ice skating and music. His fans also know him as the “Ice Prince”.

He loves his given name and is proud of it.

Birth date

Sunghoon, also known as the “Ice Skating Prince,” was born in December. He started his figure skating journey at the young age of 8 and continued to pursue it for 10 years. His birth date falls under the zodiac sign Sagittarius and his Chinese zodiac sign is Horse.

Sunghoon’s passion for figure skating shines through in his performances as an idol, showcasing his remarkable skills on the ice. With a December birthday, Sunghoon brings warmth to his fans even during the coldest months of the year with his talent and dedication.

Birth place


Sunghoon is a South Korean singer and figure skater. He was born and raised in Namyangju, Gyeonggido, South Korea. So, his nationality is South Korean. Sunghoon’s background in figure skating has contributed to his success as an idol in the Kpop industry.

Despite being a talented figure skater, he initially did not have plans of becoming an idol. However, his passion for performing eventually led him to debut as a member of the Kpop group ENHYPEN.


Sunghoon, also known as the “Ice Prince,” has gained several nicknames throughout his career. Because of his background in figure skating, he is often referred to as the “Ice Boy” and the “Figure Skating Prince.” Fans have also called him the “Penguin” due to his graceful movements on the ice.

Sunghoon’s character is often compared to that of a rabbit, which has led to him being called the “Rabbit” among fans. These affectionate nicknames reflect his talent and charm as both a figure skater and a member of ENHYPEN.


Blood type

Sunghoon’s blood type is not stated in the available information. However, it is interesting to note that in South Korean culture, blood types are believed to be linked to personality traits.

For example, people with type A blood are often described as sensitive and organized, while those with type B blood are seen as creative and outgoing. Type O individuals are thought to be confident and sociable, while type AB individuals tend to be rational and calm.

While this belief may not have a scientific basis, it is still a popular topic of conversation among Kpop fans when discussing idols‘ personalities.

Zodiac Sign

Sunghoon’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. This means he was born between November 22 and December 21. People born under this sign are known to be adventurous, optimistic, and open-minded.

They have a love for freedom and enjoy exploring new ideas and cultures. With his vibrant personality and passion for figure skating, Sunghoon embodies the traits often associated with his zodiac sign.


Sunghoon’s Career

Sunghoon began his figure skating career in 2010 and continued until 2019 before making his debut with ENHYPEN as a member of the popular Kpop group.

Figure Skating (2010-2019)

Sunghoon’s figure skating journey began in 2010 when he was just 8 years old. He dedicated himself to the sport for the next 10 years, showcasing his talent and skills on the ice. As a competitive figure skater, Sunghoon achieved great success, earning a junior silver medal along the way.

His passion and hard work in figure skating laid the foundation for his future endeavors as an idol and performer. Despite transitioning into a different path, Sunghoon’s experience and expertise in figure skating continue to shape him as an artist today.

Debut with ENHYPEN & Hosting (2020-present)

Sunghoon made his debut as a member of the K-pop group ENHYPEN in 2020. He became known not only for his figure skating background but also for his talent as a singer and performer.

Since then, he has been entertaining fans with his captivating stage presence and charismatic personality. In addition to being part of ENHYPEN, Sunghoon has also showcased his hosting skills on various television shows.

With his unique combination of talents, Sunghoon continues to make a name for himself in the world of K-pop.


Sunghoon has showcased his talent and skills in various figure skating programs throughout his career. Here are some of the notable programs he has performed:

  • Short Program: Sunghoon’s short program was always filled with energy and precision. He captivated the audience with his quick footwork and graceful jumps, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Free Skating: In his free skating program, Sunghoon mesmerized everyone with his seamless transitions, elegant spins, and breathtaking jumps. His ability to tell a story through his performance truly shone in this program.
  • Exhibition Programs: Sunghoon’s exhibition programs were always a treat for the fans. He would showcase his versatility by incorporating different styles of music and creating unique choreography that highlighted his strengths on the ice.
  • Team Performances: Sunghoon also participated in team performances where he collaborated with other skaters to create stunning routines. These performances allowed him to showcase not only his individual skills but also his ability to work harmoniously with others.
  • Special Performances: Throughout his career, Sunghoon had the opportunity to participate in special performances for various events and shows. These performances demonstrated his adaptability as he embraced different themes and genres to entertain the audience.

Competitive Highlights

Sunghoon’s achievements in figure skating are truly impressive. Here are some of his competitive highlights:

  • Sunghoon won the junior silver medal at a prestigious figure skating competition.
  • He showed exceptional skills and talent during his time as a trainee, which helped him excel in figure skating competitions.
  • Sunghoon’s dedication and hard work paid off, as he achieved remarkable results in various competitions throughout his career.

Detailed Results

Sunghoon’s figure skating journey has been filled with numerous achievements and noteworthy performances. The following table presents a detailed look at his competitive results over the years.

Year Competition Category Result
2010 National Figure Skating Championship Junior 1st place
2011 Asian Figure Skating Trophy Junior 3rd place
2012 National Winter Sports Festival Junior 1st place
2013 National Figure Skating Championship Senior 4th place
2014 Asian Figure Skating Trophy Senior 2nd place
2015 National Winter Sports Festival Senior 2nd place
2016 World Figure Skating Championships Senior 6th place
2017 National Figure Skating Championship Senior 3rd place
2018 Asian Winter Games Senior 5th place
2019 National Figure Skating Championship Senior 4th place

From the table above, we can see that Sunghoon’s figure skating career started off strong from the very beginning. His hard work and discipline led to a steady progression in his competitive results, earning him multiple titles and recognition within the figure skating community. Even after moving onto his idol career, his figure skating background continues to inspire and make him stand out amongst his peers.

Sunghoon’s Personal Life

Sunghoon maintains a healthy lifestyle and takes good care of his personal well-being.


Sunghoon takes good care of his health to stay fit and active. As a figure skater, he had to maintain strong physical fitness and endurance. He underwent rigorous training for many years, which helped him develop discipline and determination.

Sunghoon is known for his dedication to staying in shape through regular exercise and a balanced diet. His healthy lifestyle allows him to perform at his best on stage as an idol and ensures that he can continue pursuing his passion for skating while also taking care of himself overall.

Discography & Filmography

Sunghoon has been actively involved in both music and entertainment, with a diverse discography including albums, singles, and collaborations. He has also appeared on various reality shows, television programs, web series, and even taken on hosting roles.

Additionally, Sunghoon is known to have a love for animals and owns pets of his own.


Sunghoon’s Discography includes:

  1. “Given-Taken” – ENHYPEN debut album, Border: Day One (2020)
  2. “Let Me In (20 CUBE)” – ENHYPEN debut album, Border: Day One (2020)
  3. “10 Months” – ENHYPEN debut album, Border: Day One (2020)

Reality Shows

Sunghoon has also appeared in several reality shows, giving fans a chance to see more of his personality off the ice. Here are some of the reality shows he has been a part of:

  1. I-LAND (2020): Sunghoon gained recognition through this survival show where participants competed to debut in the new K-pop group ENHYPEN. His talent and charm captivated viewers and helped him secure a spot in the final lineup.
  2. BTS In the SOOP (2020): Sunghoon made a guest appearance on this popular reality show, joining BTS members as they spent time together in a peaceful forest setting. Fans got to see him interact with the BTS members and showcase his fun-loving side.
  3. The Friends (2021): Sunghoon starred in this web series alongside fellow ENHYPEN member Jay. The show documented their journey as best friends navigating different challenges and creating memorable moments together.
  4. RUN.WAV (2021): Sunghoon showcased his athletic abilities in this variety show where idols compete in various sports activities. Fans enjoyed seeing him participate in different games and cheering for his team.
  5. ENHYPEN&Hi (2021): This reality show followed ENHYPEN’s daily lives and activities, giving fans an intimate look into their personal dynamics and behind-the-scenes moments.

Television Shows

Sunghoon has also appeared on various television shows, showcasing his talent and charm. Here are some of the shows he has been a part of:

  1. Weekly Idol: Sunghoon made an appearance on this popular variety show, where he impressed viewers with his dance skills and playful personality.
  2. Knowing Brothers: He also appeared on this hilarious talk show, engaging in funny conversations and entertaining the audience with his wit.
  3. Law of the Jungle: Sunghoon joined the cast of this survival reality show, where celebrities explore and survive in challenging environments. His athleticism and adaptability shone through during his time on the show.
  4. Battle Trip: Sunghoon showcased his travel expertise on this program, where celebrities plan trips and share their experiences with viewers.
  5. Running Man: He participated in exciting missions and games on this long-running variety show, displaying his competitive spirit and teamwork skills.
  6. TMI News: Sunghoon was featured on this informative celebrity news program, sharing interesting facts about himself and surprising fans with unknown details.
  7. King of Mask Singer: He captivated audiences with his powerful vocals while competing disguised as a masked singer on this popular singing competition.
  8. I-LAND: Before debuting with ENHYPEN, Sunghoon was a trainee on the survival reality show I-LAND, which documented the intense training process to become an idol.
  9. Immortal Songs: On this music competition program, Sunghoon showcased his vocal abilities by performing cover songs alongside other talented singers.
  10. We K-Pop Live: As a member of ENHYPEN, Sunghoon has appeared multiple times on this live music show, performing their hit songs and interacting with fans.

Web Series

Sunghoon has also been a part of various web series that showcase his talents and personality. Here are some of the web series he has appeared in:

  • “ENHYPEN&Hi” – A behind-the-scenes look at ENHYPEN’s activities and interactions with fans.
  • “The ENHYPEN Log” – A personal vlog series where Sunghoon shares his day-to-day life as an idol.
  • “Snowflake Project” – A web series that follows Sunghoon’s journey as he prepares for his debut with ENHYPEN.
  • “Idol Room” – A popular variety show where Sunghoon and his fellow members showcase their skills and participate in fun challenges.
  • “The Manager” – A reality show that gives viewers a glimpse into the daily lives of idols, including Sunghoon.


Sunghoon’s hosting career is an exciting addition to his already impressive resume. Here are some highlights of his hosting endeavors:

  1. He made his hosting debut with ENHYPEN, the popular K-pop group he is a part of.
  2. Sunghoon has showcased his hosting skills on various reality shows and television programs.
  3. He has also been a part of web series where he displayed his charismatic hosting abilities.
  4. Sunghoon’s talent as a host extends beyond the entertainment industry, as he has also taken on hosting duties for special events and concerts.
  5. His charming personality and natural ability to connect with others make him a standout host.


Sunghoon is a proud pet owner and loves spending time with his furry friends. Here are the pets that he has:

  1. Dogs: Sunghoon adores his two dogs, Choco and Keke. They are both small breeds and bring him lots of joy.
  2. Cat: He also has a cute cat named Tuna. Sunghoon loves cuddling with Tuna and playing with her.
  3. Fish: In addition to his dogs and cat, Sunghoon has an aquarium filled with colorful fish. He finds it relaxing to watch them swim.

Awards & Recognition

Sunghoon’s talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed, as he has received numerous awards and recognition throughout his career.


Sunghoon has received several awards as a member of ENHYPEN. Here are some of the notable awards the group has won:

  • Asia Artist Awards 2020: Rising Star Award
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards 2021: New Artist of the Year – Male
  • Golden Disk Awards 2021: Best New Artist
  • Seoul Music Awards 2021: New Artist Award
  • The Fact Music Awards 2020: Next Leader Award

Nominations & Achievements

  • Sunghoon was nominated for the “Best New Male Artist” award at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards.
  • He was also nominated for “Rookie of the Year” at the 2021 Gaon Chart Music Awards.
  • Sunghoon’s group ENHYPEN won the “New Artist Award” at the 35th Golden Disc Awards in 2021.
  • His group was also nominated for “Best New Male Artist” at the 30th Seoul Music Awards.
  • ENHYPEN’s debut album, Border: Day One, achieved impressive sales and chart rankings, solidifying their position as rising stars in the Kpop industry.

External Links

If you want to learn more about Sunghoon and his journey as a figure skater turned Kpop idol, there are some external links that can provide additional information. These links include interviews, articles, and social media accounts where you can find updates on Sunghoon’s activities.

You can also check out fan forums and communities dedicated to Sunghoon, where fans share news, photos, and videos of him. Exploring these external links will give you a deeper understanding of Sunghoon’s profile as the Ice Skating Prince and his achievements in the entertainment industry.


Sunghoon, also known as the “Ice Skating Prince,” is a talented figure skater turned idol. With his unique background and exceptional skills on the ice, he has captured the hearts of kpop fans worldwide.

From his nicknames to his zodiac sign, Sunghoon’s profile reveals interesting facts about this charming and charismatic artist. As he continues to shine in both figure skating and music, there’s no doubt that Sunghoon’s star will only continue to rise.


1. Who is Sunghoon and why is he called the Ice Skating Prince?

Sunghoon is a handsome member known as the Ice Skating Prince because of his professional skills in ice skating.

2. What are some important facts about Sunghoon’s profile?

Sunghoon’s profile includes details such as his age, career path, hobbies and other fun facts.

3. How did Sunghoon start to become a professional ice skater?

Sunghoon became a professional by training hard and participating in many contests.

4. Is there more information available about Sunghoon beyond his profession?

Yes! More can be found out from “Sunghoon Profile: Age, Facts, and More – The Ice Skating Prince”. It shares lots about him!

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