Get to Know Taehyun: Taehyun Profile, Age & Facts Unveiled

Embarking on a vibrant journey into the world of K-pop is like entering an exciting new universe. If you’ve found yourself captivated by TXT’s charismatic vocalist Taehyun, then you’re in for a treat! This article is brimming with intriguing facts and notable achievements about Kang Tae-hyun – born February 5, 2002.

We’re all set to delve deep beyond his stage persona and offer you an exclusive peek at the real Taehyun! So tap into your fan spirit as we uncover more about this remarkable talent.

Key Takeaways

  • Taehyun, also known as Terry Kang, is a vocalist and dancer in the Kpop group TXT.
  • He was born on February 5, 2002, in Seoul, South Korea and comes from a supportive family.
  • Taehyun joined TXT in January 2019 and they debuted with their album “The Dream Chapter: Star” in March 2019.
  • Fans love his powerful vocals, dancing skills, love for cats, passion for cooking, and his favorite color is yellow.

Taehyun Profile and Background

Taehyun, whose real name is Terry Kang, was born on February 5 in Gangnamgu, Seoul. He comes from a warm and supportive family, consisting of his dad, mom, and older sister. As a student, Taehyun attended school while pursuing his dream of becoming a singer and songwriter.

His talent led him to join the Kpop group TXT under Big Hit Entertainment.

Real name, stage name, and birthdate

Let me share some details about Taehyun! His full name is Kang Tae-hyun. Most people know him as “Taehyun”. He was born on the 5th of February in 2002. It’s interesting to note how young he was when he began his music career.

Family background

Taehyun comes from Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. He has a dad, mom, and an older sister who is four years older than him. They are his biggest supporters! Taehyun’s family is very important to him and he often talks about them in interviews.

Growing up with a close-knit family has shaped him into the person he is today.


I am a student. I go to school and learn new things every day. Education is important because it helps me grow and develop my skills and knowledge. I believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and I am grateful for the opportunities to study and improve myself.

Being part of TXT has also taught me many valuable lessons about teamwork, discipline, and pursuing my passion for music.

Career and group debut

I joined the boy group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) in January 2019, being revealed as the fourth member. It was an exciting time for me as I began my career in the music industry. TXT is under Big Hit Entertainment, and we debuted with our album “The Dream Chapter: Star” in March 2019.

As part of TXT, I get to showcase my talents as a vocalist and dancer. Being in this group has allowed me to grow as an artist and connect with fans all over the world. I’m grateful for the opportunities that have come my way since joining TXT.

Fun Facts and Trivia

Some fun facts about Taehyun include his love for cats, his talent in playing the piano, and his hidden passion for cooking. Read on to discover more interesting tidbits about this talented Kpop star!


Taehyun, the talented Kpop idol from TXT, has a few cool nicknames you might not know about. One of his nicknames is “Terry Kang,” which shows his friendly and approachable personality.

Another nickname for Taehyun is “Tae-rang,” which means shining like the sun. These nicknames reflect how bright and charming he is as an artist. It’s fun to see different sides of him through these cute and endearing names!

Favorite things

One of my favorite things about Taehyun is that his favorite color is yellow! It’s such a bright and cheerful color, just like his personality. Another interesting thing I learned is that he has a unique MBTI personality type within TXT.

I think it’s cool to see how different members have different traits and characteristics. It really shows the diversity within the group.

Personal life

In Taehyun’s personal life, he is from Gangnam-gu in Seoul, South Korea. He has a mom, dad, and an older sister who is 4 years older than him. Taehyun is still a student and balances his studies with his career as a singer in TXT.

Being the youngest member of the group, he brings energy and enthusiasm to their performances. Despite being busy with his work and school responsibilities, Taehyun enjoys spending time with his family whenever he can.

Taehyun’s Role in TXT

Taehyun plays a crucial role in TXT as a vocalist and dancer, showcasing his versatile talents and bringing energy to their performances.

Vocalist and dancer

As a member of the Kpop group TXT, I am proud to be both a vocalist and dancer. My passion for music shines through when I showcase my singing skills on stage. I love to engage with our fans through my voice and bring joy to their lives.

Dancing is another talent that allows me to express myself creatively. It’s amazing how movement can convey emotions and tell a story without words. Being able to combine my love for singing and dancing makes performing even more special for me.

In TXT, each member has their own unique role, and mine as a vocalist and dancer is essential in creating our music and performances. I pour my heart into every song we sing, ensuring that our voices blend harmoniously together.

When it comes to dancing, I work hard to perfect intricate choreographies that captivate our audience’s attention. It’s truly fulfilling when we can deliver powerful performances that leave an impact on people.

Being part of TXT has given me the opportunity not only to showcase my talents but also contribute as a songwriter. Alongside my fellow members, we collaborate on creating meaningful lyrics that reflect our experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

This creative process allows us to connect deeply with our fans through the power of music.

Songwriting contributions

I have always been passionate about music and expressing myself through songwriting. As a member of TXT, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to our music. I love being involved in the creative process and sharing my ideas with the group.

It’s an incredible feeling when we collaborate and bring our individual strengths together to create something special. Whether it’s writing lyrics or composing melodies, I enjoy bringing my own unique touch to our songs.

Being able to contribute as a songwriter is truly fulfilling for me and allows me to connect with our fans on a deeper level through our music.

Latest Updates and Community Response

Taehyun’s latest solo project has been met with overwhelming support from fans, as his unique style and powerful vocals continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Additionally, he recently participated in a highly anticipated interview where he shared heartfelt insights about his journey as an artist, further solidifying his place in the Kpop industry.

Recent news and achievements

Recently, Taehyun and his group TXT released their second studio album called “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze.” The album received a lot of love from fans and topped various music charts.

Taehyun also showcased his songwriting skills by co-writing the lyrics for some of the songs on the album. In addition to their successful comeback, TXT won several awards at music award shows, including Best New Artist and Album of the Year.

Fans continue to show their support for Taehyun and his accomplishments through social media hashtags and fan projects.

Fan reactions and support

Fans of Taehyun have shown unwavering support and love for him since his debut with TXT. They admire his talent as a vocalist and dancer, often praising his performances and stage presence.

His unique personality and charm have also won over many fans, who appreciate his genuine and down-to-earth nature. In addition to cheering him on during appearances and concerts, fans often express their support through social media platforms, creating fan art, sharing heartfelt messages, and organizing fan projects to celebrate Taehyun’s birthday or special milestones in his career.

The dedication of Taehyun’s fans is truly remarkable, showcasing the strong bond between artist and supporter in the Kpop community.


In conclusion, Taehyun is a talented and vibrant member of the Kpop group TXT. Through this article, we have learned about his background, personal life, and contributions to the group.

From his favorite color to his unique personality type, Taehyun’s profile has been unveiled for all fans to get to know him better. Let’s continue supporting him on his journey in the music industry!

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