XG Members Profile, Age & Facts: The Ultimate Guide to XG Members

Unraveling the world of K-pop can be an exciting yet overwhelming journey with so many groups and artists to discover. Among the ocean of talent, XG stands out as a dynamic group comprising talented young women who have been preparing for their debut since 2017.

This guide serves as your ultimate companion in understanding each member’s profile, age, roles within the group, and some delightful facts about them. So let’s plunge into this fascinating realm where music meets charisma!

Key Takeaways

  • XG is a K-pop girl group consisting of seven members: Jurin, Chisa, Cocona, Hinata, Maya, Juria, and Harvey.
  • Each member brings unique talents to the group, such as dance skills (Jurin), powerful vocals (Chisa), stage presence (Juria), and charisma (Harvey).
  • XG has released popular songs like “NEW DNA,” “TGIF,” and “GRL GVNG” that showcase their energetic performances and catchy beats.
  • The members have a strong online presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube where fans can connect with them.

XG Members Profile and Ages

In this section, we will dive into the profiles and ages of each XG member.


Jurin is a key part of XG. She leads the group’s dance moves. She has been with XG since it started in 2017. People know her for her top dance skills and talent as a leader. Jurin works hard to help XG reach their goals in the music world.


Chisa is one of the talented members of XG, the K-pop girl group. She brings her unique charm and skills to the group. Chisa’s real name is Chisato Morishita. She was born on July 9th, making her a Cancer sign.

As for her position in the group, Chisa is known as a lead vocalist.

Chisa has been part of XG since their preparation days in 2017. She has worked hard to improve her singing abilities and captivate fans with her voice. Alongside her fellow members, she debuted with XG’s first song “Tippy Toes” in March 2022.


Cocona is one of the talented members of XG, a K-pop girl group. She brings her unique charm and skills to the group. While there isn’t much information available about Cocona’s specific position or role within XG, she is known for her captivating stage presence and powerful vocals.

As part of the group’s diverse lineup, Cocona adds depth and flair to their performances. With her talent and dedication, Cocona contributes to XG’s goal of making a mark in the K-pop industry.


Hinata is one of the members of XG, a K-pop girl group. She is known for her amazing vocals and energetic performances. Hinata brings a unique charm to the group with her bright personality and powerful voice.

As one of the youngest members, she adds youthful energy to their music and dance routines. Hinata’s talent shines through in every stage performance, captivating fans with her charisma and vocal range.

Her dedication to her craft and love for music make her an essential part of XG’s success. With each new release, fans can’t wait to see what Hinata brings to the table as she continues to grow as an artist in this global girl group sensation.


Maya is one of the talented members of XG, a K-pop girl group. She brings her unique skills and charm to the group, making her an integral part of their success. Maya’s real name is Maya Onishi and she hails from Japan.

As for her position in the group, she is known for her amazing singing abilities and also contributes as a sub-vocalist. Maya adds depth to XG’s performances with her powerful vocals.

Her passion for music shines through in every song they perform. With Maya’s talent and dedication, it’s no wonder that XG has gained attention in the K-pop industry.


Juria is one of the talented members of XG, a K-pop girl group. She brings her unique charm and skills to the group. As for her position in XG, she showcases her incredible singing abilities.

Juria is known for her powerful vocals that captivate audiences. She has been training hard to perfect her craft and bring an unforgettable experience to fans.

Aside from being a skilled singer, Juria is also an amazing dancer. She impresses everyone with her impeccable dance moves and stage presence. Her passion for performing shines through every time she takes the stage.

Juria’s hard work and dedication are evident in everything she does as part of XG. With each performance, she continues to prove herself as a valuable member of the group. Fans can’t help but be drawn to Juria’s talent and charisma, making her an essential part of XG’s success.


Harvey is one of the seven members of XG, a K-pop girl group. She brings her unique talent and charm to the group with her singing abilities. As part of XG, Harvey has been capturing hearts with her powerful vocals and stage presence.

Alongside her fellow members, she is dedicated to making a significant impact in the K-pop industry. With their exceptional dance skills and diverse talents, XG aims to empower young people through their music and performances.

Supported by their management company Xgalx, an Avex subsidiary, Harvey and the rest of XG are set to take on the world with their extraordinary concept and music.

Fun Facts and Trivia About XG Members

  • Jurin is the main dancer and dance leader of XG.
  • Chisa is the vocal powerhouse of the group.
  • Cocona is known for her cute and bubbly personality.
  • Hinata is the rapper of XG, delivering powerful verses.
  • Maya is skilled in both singing and dancing, making her a versatile performer.
  • Juria is the group’s visual and has a captivating stage presence.
  • Harvey is known for her charismatic rap skills.

XG Discography and Achievements

XG has released several successful songs, including “NEW DNA,” “TGIF,” and “GRL GVNG.” They also collaborated with Ciara and Jackson Wang on the remix of their hit track “LEFT RIGHT.”


XG’s song “NEW DNA” is an exciting track that showcases their unique style and musical talent. Released as part of their debut album, this song captivates listeners with its catchy melody and energetic beats.

The members’ powerful vocals and synchronized dance moves add to the overall appeal of the song. “NEW DNA” represents XG’s determination to leave a mark in the K-pop industry by breaking boundaries and delivering fresh music that resonates with fans worldwide.

It’s a must-listen for anyone who enjoys upbeat and dynamic tracks from emerging girl groups like XG.


XG’s song “TGIF” is one of their popular tracks that fans love. The catchy chorus and upbeat tempo make it a perfect anthem for celebrating the end of the work week and looking forward to the weekend.

With its energetic choreography, “TGIF” showcases XG’s incredible dance skills. Released as part of their debut album, this song has helped establish XG as a promising new group in the K-pop industry.

Fans can’t get enough of “TGIF” and its fun vibes that bring joy to their weekends.


“GRL GVNG” is one of the popular songs by XG. It showcases the group’s powerful vocals and energetic dance moves. The song has a catchy beat that will make you want to dance along.

With its empowering lyrics, “GRL GVNG” sends a message of unity and strength to young girls around the world. This track highlights XG’s talent and their determination to make their mark in the K-pop industry.

So if you’re in the mood for an upbeat anthem, give “GRL GVNG” a listen!

LEFT RIGHT REMIXX (feat. Ciara, Jackson Wang)

“LEFT RIGHT REMIXX (feat. Ciara, Jackson Wang)” is one of the popular songs by XG. This remix features renowned artists Ciara and Jackson Wang, adding an exciting twist to the original track.

The collaboration showcases XG’s global appeal and their ability to work with international talents. With catchy beats and energetic choreography, “LEFT RIGHT REMIXX” demonstrates XG’s versatility as performers and highlights their potential for success in the K-pop industry.

The song has been well-received by fans and further solidifies XG’s position as a rising force in music.”.

Social Media Presence of XG Members

XG members have a strong presence on social media. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Jurin: You can follow Jurin on Instagram at @jurin_xg. She often shares dance covers and behind-the-scenes glimpses of XG’s activities.
  • Chisa: Chisa has an active presence on Instagram as well. You can find her at @chisa_xg, where she shares photos and updates with fans.
  • Cocona: Cocona loves interacting with fans on Twitter. You can follow her at @cocona_xg to stay updated on her thoughts and daily life.
  • Hinata: Hinata keeps fans updated through her Instagram account, @hinata_xg. She often shares cute selfies and videos of herself hanging out with the other members.
  • Maya: Maya is active on TikTok, where she showcases her dancing skills and interacts with fans. Follow her at @maya_xg for entertaining content.
  • Juria: Juria enjoys sharing snippets of her daily life on Instagram. You can follow her at @juria_xg to see what she’s up to.
  • Harvey: Harvey is known for his engaging YouTube channel, where he vlogs about various topics and interacts with fans through Q&A videos. Subscribe to his channel, “Harvey Talks XG,” for interesting content from him.


In conclusion, XG is a talented and diverse K-pop girl group with seven members: Jurin, Chisa, Cocona, Hinata, Maya, Juria, and Harvey. They debuted in March 2022 with the song “Tippy Toes” and have gained attention for their exceptional dance skills.

With their unique concept and music, XG aims to make a lasting impact in the K-pop industry. Exciting things are definitely ahead for this extraordinary group!


1. What is included in the XG Members’ profiles?

XG members’ profiles include their real names, birthdays, positions in the group, nationality and ages.

2. How can I find out more about the fandom name of XG members?

You can get to know about the XG members’ fandom name from guides like “The Ultimate Guide to XG Members”.

3. Is there any way to know about upcoming events or updates related to XG Members?

Yes, you should check for an ‘XG Members update’. It provides information on their debuts, preparations and other new details.

4. Do all the members of the group belong to ‘Kpop’?

No! While some of them are a part of Kpop, others are from Jpop too – it’s really diverse!

5. Where can I take a quiz on facts about these XG Members?

Look up ‘XG Members Quiz’, they often test your knowledge on things such as member ages and roles within the group.

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