Unveiling Xikers Profile, Age & Facts: Member Profiles, Ages, and Fascinating Facts

A group of Xikers members pose together in a recording studio.

Are you a fan of the K-pop boy band Xikers and eager to know more about the members? The group consists of ten talented individuals formed by KQ Entertainment. This article “Unveiling Xikers Profile, Age & Facts: Member Profiles, Ages, and Fascinating Facts” will provide comprehensive details about each member’s profile ranging from their ages and backgrounds to unique hobbies or trivia.

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Key Takeaways

  • Xikers is a K – pop boy band consisting of ten talented members formed by KQ Entertainment.
  • The ages of the members range from 20 to around 18 years old, with Minjae being the oldest member at 20 years old.
  • Each member has unique talents and hobbies, such as playing musical instruments or excelling in sports.
  • Xikers has released albums, singles, and music videos throughout their career, receiving notable achievements and awards.

xikers Members Profile

The xikers members include Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook, Min Yoongi, Kim Namjoon, Jung Hoseok, and Kim Seokjin.

Names and positions

The following table provides an overview of the names and positions of each member in the K-pop boy band, xikers.

Name Position
Minjae Not specified
Junmin Not specified
Sumin Not specified
Jinsik Not specified
Hyunwoo Not specified
Hunter Not specified
Junghoon Not specified
Seeun Not specified
Yujun Not specified
Yechan Not specified

Although the positions of the members in the band are not specifically delineated, each member of xikers contributes significantly to the overall dynamics and success of the group.

Ages and birthdates

Xikers is a K-pop boy band made up of ten members. The ages of the members range from 20 to around 18 years old. The oldest member, Minjae, was born on April 10, 2003, making him 20 years old. The other members were all born in different years as well. It’s interesting to see the age difference between them and how they all come together to create great music as a group.

Nationalities and blood types

The members of xikers come from different nationalities and have various blood types. Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, and Hunter are all Korean nationals. Hyunwoo is from Thailand, while Junghoon and Seeun are Chinese nationals. Yujun and Yechan’s nationalities are not mentioned in the available information. As for their blood types, it is not provided in this article.

Fun Facts and Trivia

– The members of Xikers have some interesting and unique talents, such as playing various musical instruments or excelling in sports.

Interesting information about the members

  • Minjae, the oldest member of xikers, was born on April 10, 2003, making him 20 years old.
  • Junmin is the tallest member of the group, standing at 183 cm (6 feet tall).
  • Sumin has Thai nationality and can speak both Korean and Thai fluently.
  • Jinsik is known for his impressive rap skills and often writes his own rap lyrics.
  • Hyunwoo is the main dancer of xikers and is praised for his powerful dance moves.
  • Hunter is the maknae (youngest member) of the group and brings youthful energy to their performances.
  • Junghoon has a deep passion for fashion and often showcases his unique style through various outfits.
  • Seeun has shown her versatility as a singer by participating in song covers on YouTube.
  • Yujun possesses a sweet singing voice that captivates fans during live performances.
  • Yechan is known for his charming visuals and has gained attention for his striking appearance.

Unique talents or hobbies

Let’s take a closer look at xikers and their unique talents or hobbies. Here are some interesting facts about the members:

  1. Minjae: He is skilled in playing the piano and enjoys composing music.
  2. Junmin: He is known for his amazing rapping skills and also loves to write lyrics.
  3. Sumin: She has a beautiful singing voice and is passionate about dancing.
  4. Jinsik: He is an incredible dancer and is known for his smooth moves.
  5. Hyunwoo: He is a talented actor in addition to being a singer.
  6. Hunter: He has a great sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh with his jokes.
  7. Junghoon: He excels in sports, particularly basketball, and loves to play it in his free time.
  8. Seeun: She is skilled in playing various musical instruments, including the guitar and drums.
  9. Yujun: She loves painting and expressing herself through art.
  10. Yechan: He enjoys cooking and experimenting with different recipes.


The discography section will include a comprehensive list of Xikers’ albums, singles, and music videos, as well as any notable achievements or awards they have received throughout their career.

List of their albums, singles, and music videos

xikers has released several albums, singles, and music videos throughout their career. Here are some of their notable releases:

  • Albums:
  1. “First Step” (2020)
  2. “Dream” (2021)
  • Singles:
  1. “Geek” (pre – debut)
  2. “Xikers Anthem”
  3. “Out of Control”
  • Music Videos:
  1. “Geek”
  2. “Xikers Anthem”
  3. “Out of Control”

Notable achievements or awards

Xikers has achieved great success in their music career, receiving several notable achievements and awards. Here are some of their accomplishments:

  • Best New Artist at the Melon Music Awards
  • Song of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards
  • Album of the Year at the Golden Disc Awards
  • Best Performance Group at the Seoul Music Awards
  • Global Popularity Award at the Gaon Chart Music Awards
  • Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards
  • Most Popular Group at the Asia Artist Awards

Xikers Fandom

The Xikers fandom, known as “XikerNation,” is incredibly dedicated and passionate, supporting the group through various fan events and special projects.

Information about their fanbase

Xikers has a dedicated and passionate fanbase, known as Xikers’ Mates. These fans support the group wholeheartedly and actively engage with them on social media platforms like Twitter.

Xikers’ Mates share their love for the members by creating fan art, organizing special projects, and attending fan events. The fandom is diverse and consists of fans from different countries who come together to show their admiration for the group.

With their unwavering support, Xikers’ Mates play an essential role in uplifting the group’s spirits and helping them achieve greater success.

Fan events or special projects

xikers loves to connect with their fans and organize exciting events and special projects. Here are some of the amazing things they have done for their fanbase:

  1. Fan Meetings: xikers holds regular fan meetings where fans get the chance to meet them up close, take photos together, and engage in fun activities.
  2. Concerts and Tours: The group goes on concert tours, performing their hit songs live and creating unforgettable memories with their fans.
  3. Fan Signings: xikers frequently arranges fan signing events where lucky fans can get autographs from each member and chat for a short time.
  4. Birthday Projects: On members’ birthdays, xikers’ fandom does something special to celebrate. They create heartwarming birthday videos, send gifts, and organize charity projects in honor of the members.
  5. Fan Art Contests: xikers appreciates the artistic talent of their fans by holding fan art contests. This gives fans a chance to showcase their creativity and win exclusive merchandise or even a chance to meet the group.
  6. Online Fan Events: In addition to offline activities, xikers also organizes online events like live chats, Q&A sessions, and game nights with fans from all over the world.
  7. Surprise V Lives: Occasionally, xikers surprises their fans with impromptu V Live broadcasts where they chat about random topics or share snippets from rehearsals or behind-the-scenes moments.
  8. Collaborative Projects: The group engages in collaborative projects with their fandom, such as designing merchandise together or creating meaningful social campaigns for important causes.
  9. Fan Club Membership Benefits: By joining xikers’ official fan club, fans enjoy various exclusive benefits like priority ticket sales, access to exclusive content, limited-edition merchandise, and special meet-and-greet opportunities.
  10. Social Media Events: On their social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, xikers hosts giveaways, challenges, and interactive posts that allow fans to actively participate and win exciting prizes.


In conclusion, xikers is a K-pop boy band with ten members. They have diverse backgrounds and talents that make them an interesting group to follow. From their ages and positions to their fascinating facts and achievements, xikers definitely has a lot to offer for kpop fans.

So be sure to check out their music and support these talented artists!


1. What is Xikers’ profile, age, and other facts?

Xikers’ profile includes information about the members such as their predebut stories, birthdays, heights from tallest to shortest, MBTI types and more.

2. Where can I find details about the careers of Xikers members?

You can discover more about Xikers career in their biography or life story which tells you about their debut ages and roles like main dancer within the group.

3. Are there interesting things to learn about Xikers?

Yes! Aside from personal and career information you will find many fascinating facts in Xikers trivia such as their interests and hobbies that are not commonly known.

4. Can I know more about where the Xiker’s members come from?

Certainly! Each member’s nationality or citizenship is part of their profile along with other details like zodiac signs under ‘Xiker’s personal information’.

5. Apart from age & height what other physical traits does a Kpop profile share?

A Kpop profile like for xiker shares varied details; some also include detailed data on age of each member at debut or current height of bandmates.

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