Yeonjun Profile, Age & Facts: An Updated Revelation on the TXT Member

Are you a K-pop fan on the hunt for comprehensive and updated information about your favorite TXT member, Yeonjun? Well, did you know Yeonjun was a backup dancer before skyrocketing to fame with one of South Korea’s popular boy bands? This blog post will take you through an exciting journey revealing everything from his profile, age to fascinating facts that even hardcore fans might not be aware of.

Ready to dive deep into the world of this talented TXT sensation? Stick around!

Key Takeaways

  • Yeonjun, whose full name is Choi Yeon Jun, is a member of the popular K – pop boy band TXT (Tomorrow X Together).
  • He was born on September 13, 1999, in Seongnam, South Korea. He stands at a height of 181.5 cm and weighs around 68 kg.
  • Yeonjun is not only a talented singer but also excels as a dancer and rapper.
  • He began his career as a backup dancer for Oh My Girl Banhana before joining TXT.
  • Some of TXT’s popular songs include “Crown,” “Run Away,” and “Blue Hour.”
  • Yeonjun has received several awards for his talent in the K – pop industry, including Rookie of the Year and Best New Artist.

Yeonjun Profile and Facts

Yeonjun, whose full name is Choi Yeon Jun, was born on September 13, 1999, in Seongnam, South Korea. He stands at a height of 181.5 cm and is known for his talents as a singer, dancer, and rapper.

Currently signed under Big Hit Music label, Yeonjun has made a significant impact in the K-pop industry as a member of TXT (Tomorrow X Together).

Full name: Choi Yeon Jun

Yeonjun’s real name is Choi Yeon Jun. He was born in Seongnam, South Korea. This talented idol charms fans in the K-pop scene with his singing, dancing and rapping skills. As a member of TXT, he makes great tunes that everyone loves.

Birthday: September 13, 1999

Yeonjun, a member of the South Korean boy band TXT, was born on September 13, 1999. He recently turned 24 years old in 2023. Yeonjun’s birthday falls under the zodiac sign Virgo. Born in Seongnam, South Korea, he stands tall at a height of 181.5 cm (approximately 5’11”) and weighs around 68 kg (150 lbs).

Yeonjun is not only a talented singer but also boasts skills as an actor and model. As part of TXT, his contributions to the K-pop industry have been remarkable and fans can look forward to exciting projects and collaborations from him in the future.

Birthplace: Seongnam, South Korea

Yeonjun, a talented member of the K-pop group TXT, hails from Seongnam, South Korea. This vibrant city is known for its bustling atmosphere and rich cultural heritage. Yeonjun was born and raised here, where he developed his passion for music and performing arts.

Seongnam has played an important role in shaping Yeonjun’s journey to becoming a renowned singer, dancer, and rapper in the industry. With his roots deeply embedded in this vibrant birthplace, Yeonjun continues to captivate fans worldwide with his incredible talent and stage presence.

Height: 181.5 cm

Yeonjun, a member of the K-pop boy band TXT, stands tall at 181.5 cm (approximately 5’11”). His height adds to his commanding presence on stage and enhances his performance as a singer and dancer.

It’s quite impressive how he carries himself with confidence and grace, captivating fans with every move. Yeonjun’s towering stature is just one of the many reasons why he shines in the world of K-pop.

Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Rapper

Yeonjun is not just a member of TXT, but also a talented singer, dancer, and rapper. He showcases his vocal abilities through the group’s songs and captivates fans with his impressive dance moves.

Yeonjun’s rapping skills add a unique flavor to their music, making him a well-rounded artist. Whether it’s singing heartfelt melodies or delivering fiery rap verses, he never fails to impress with his versatility on stage.

Label: Big Hit Music

Big Hit Music is the label that manages Yeonjun and his group, TXT (Tomorrow X Together). The company has played a significant role in shaping and promoting their careers in the K-pop industry.

Big Hit Music, founded by Bang Si-hyuk, is known for its focus on creating high-quality music and fostering talented artists. It has been instrumental in establishing BTS as one of the biggest boy bands worldwide.

With Big Hit Music’s support, Yeonjun and TXT have gained immense popularity among fans both domestically and internationally. They have released multiple successful albums and received numerous awards for their incredible music talent.

Yeonjun’s Career and Achievements

Yeonjun began his career as a backup dancer for Oh My Girl Banhana before joining the boy group TXT (Tomorrow X Together), where he quickly gained popularity with their hit songs and albums.

He has received numerous awards and recognition for his talent as a singer, dancer, and rapper in the K-pop industry.

Backup dancer for Oh My Girl Banhana

Yeonjun, a member of the popular boy band TXT, has an impressive background before debuting. One notable role he had was being a backup dancer for Oh My Girl Banhana. It shows his dedication and talent as a performer.

Yeonjun’s experience as a backup dancer helped him refine his skills and prepared him for the success he would achieve with TXT.

Member of TXT (Tomorrow X Together)

Yeonjun is an important member of the popular South Korean boy band, TXT, also known as Tomorrow X Together. He plays a significant role in the group’s success with his singing, dancing, rapping, and even songwriting skills.

Born on September 13, 1999, Yeonjun is currently 24 years old and stands at an impressive height of 181.5 cm (approximately 5’11”). Before joining TXT, he trained to become a performer and gained experience as a backup dancer for BTS member V’s solo stage performance.

With his talent and dedication to music, Yeonjun has made a notable impact in the K-pop industry as part of TXT and continues to impress fans with his skills and charisma.

Popular songs and albums

TXT, the K-pop group that Yeonjun is a part of, has released several popular songs and albums that have gained them a large fanbase. Here are some of their notable releases:

  1. “Crown” – This was TXT’s debut single, which quickly became a hit among fans. The catchy song showcased the members’ youthful energy and unique sound.
  2. “Run Away” – This track from their first full-length album “The Dream Chapter: Magic” showcased a more mature side of TXT. The powerful vocals and emotional lyrics resonated with listeners.
  3. “Blue Hour” – Another fan-favorite, this song from their album “Minisode1: Blue Hour” showcases TXT’s signature bright and vibrant sound. The addictive melody and relatable lyrics made it an instant hit.
  4. “Can’t You See Me?” – This track explores darker themes and features haunting melodies combined with impactful choreography. It demonstrated TXT’s versatility as artists.
  5. “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) ft. Seori” – Released as the title track of their studio album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE,” this song highlighted TXT’s growth as musicians. The emotional lyrics and powerful vocals made it a chart-topper.
  6. “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY” – This mini-album contains tracks like “Drama,” “Fairy of Shampoo,” and “Maze in the Mirror.” Each song showcases TXT’s evolving sound and storytelling abilities.
  7. “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE” – Released as a repackage album, this project includes new tracks like “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” showcasing a dynamic shift in style for TXT.

Awards and recognition

Yeonjun has received several awards and recognition for his talent and contributions to the K-pop industry. Here are some of his notable achievements:

  • Rookie of the Year at the 2019 Genie Music Awards
  • Best New Male Artist at the 2019 Melon Music Awards
  • Best New Artist at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards
  • Next Leader Award at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards
  • Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 at the 2020 Gaon Chart Music Awards

Fun Facts about Yeonjun

– Yeonjun is the oldest member of TXT, showcasing his leadership and maturity within the group.

– He has formed close friendships with other K-pop idols, demonstrating his sociable nature and ability to connect with others in the industry.

– In addition to his talents as a singer and dancer, Yeonjun also possesses interesting hobbies or talents that add to his dynamic personality.

– His favorite things range from food preferences to fashion styles, giving fans an insight into his unique tastes and preferences.

Oldest member of TXT

Yeonjun holds the title of being the oldest member in TXT. Born on September 13, 1999, he is currently 24 years old. Despite his age, Yeonjun’s talent and energy are remarkable as he continues to contribute to the success of his group.

Alongside his fellow members, he delivers captivating performances and charms fans with his unique personality. Yeonjun’s experience and maturity add depth to TXT’s dynamic dynamics as they navigate their journey in the K-pop industry together.

Friendship with other K-pop idols

Yeonjun from TXT has built strong friendships with other K-pop idols. As an industry newcomer, he quickly formed bonds with artists from different groups. Some of his close friends include Kang Taehyun from TXT and Jisoo from BLACKPINK.

They often hang out together and support each other’s performances. Yeonjun also shares a good camaraderie with members of BTS, especially Jimin and Jungkook. These friendships show the unity and connection within the K-pop community as they navigate their careers together.

Interesting hobbies or talents

Yeonjun has some interesting hobbies and talents. Apart from his singing, dancing, and rapping skills, he is known for his love of painting and drawing. Yeonjun often shares artwork that he has created on social media, showcasing his artistic abilities to fans.

Additionally, he enjoys playing video games in his free time and is quite skilled at it. His talent for gaming has even been acknowledged by other K-pop idols who have mentioned playing games with him.

It’s fascinating to see this talented artist showcase different aspects of his creativity through various hobbies and interests.

Favorite things

Yeonjun’s Favorite Things:

  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite food: Chicken
  • Favorite animal: Dog
  • Favorite hobby: Dancing
  • Favorite music genre: Hip-hop
  • Favorite movie genre: Action
  • Favorite sport: Basketball
  • Favorite season: Spring
  • Favorite artist or idol: G-Dragon from Big Bang

Photos and Gallery of Yeonjun

Explore a stunning collection of Yeonjun’s pictures and captivating visuals that will leave you in awe. Don’t miss out on his stylish fashion choices and mesmerizing stage outfits.

Collection of Yeonjun’s pictures and visuals

Yeonjun, the talented member of TXT, has captured the hearts of fans with his looks and visuals. Let’s take a look at a collection of Yeonjun’s pictures that showcase his stunning features and charismatic presence.

Whether it’s on stage or off-duty, Yeonjun knows how to rock different styles and outfits. From trendy streetwear to sleek suits, he always manages to stand out with his fashion choices.

His expressive eyes and charming smile further add to his overall appeal. Get ready to be amazed by this young artist’s incredible visuals!

Stylish fashion and stage outfits

Yeonjun is known for his stylish fashion and stage outfits, which always showcase his unique sense of style. Whether it’s a sleek suit or a trendy streetwear ensemble, Yeonjun knows how to make a statement with his wardrobe choices.

He often experiments with different colors, patterns, and accessories, creating eye-catching looks that perfectly complement TXT’s music and performances. From bold prints to edgy hairstyles, Yeonjun isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion.

His confident and charismatic presence on stage is further enhanced by his impeccable style, making him not only a talented performer but also a fashion icon in the K-pop industry.

Conclusion: Yeonjun’s Impact and Future Prospects

Yeonjun’s talent, charisma, and unique style have made a significant impact on the K-pop industry. With his impressive skills as a singer, dancer, and rapper, he has garnered a loyal fanbase worldwide.

As he continues to shine with TXT and explore new projects and collaborations, it is clear that Yeonjun’s future prospects are bright. Don’t miss out on witnessing his incredible journey unfold!

Yeonjun’s influence on the K-pop industry

Yeonjun has made a significant impact on the K-pop industry. As a member of TXT, he has helped to popularize their music and style among fans around the world. With his charismatic stage presence and dynamic performances, Yeonjun has become an inspiration for aspiring musicians.

His unique dance moves and powerful vocals have captivated audiences, making him a standout talent in the industry. Additionally, Yeonjun’s contributions as a songwriter have showcased his versatility and creativity.

Through his hard work and dedication, he continues to shape the future of K-pop with his influence and passion for music.

Exciting future projects and collaborations

Yeonjun has a bright future ahead in the K-pop industry. As a member of TXT, he’s already achieved success with their popular songs and albums. But that’s not all! Yeonjun has even more exciting projects and collaborations on the horizon.

With his talents as a singer, dancer, rapper, and songwriter, there are endless possibilities for him to explore different genres and styles in his music. Fans can look forward to seeing him grow even more as an artist and continue to make waves in the industry.

Keep an eye out for what’s next for Yeonjun because it’s bound to be something amazing!


1. Who is Yeonjun from the Kpop group TXT?

Yeonjun is a talented member of the popular Kpop group, TXT. He has gained fame in Seoul and America for his performances.

2. What are some fun facts about Yeonjun?

There’s updated information about Yeonjun with fun facts like his weight, ideal type, and that he finished High School before beginning training for his career in music.

3. How old is Yeonjun now?

The current age of Yeonjun can be found in an updated version of “Yeonjun Profile, Age & Facts: An Updated Revelation on the TXT Member”.

4. Where can I find more about TXT profiles?

You can learn more by searching “TXT Age”, “TXT Facts” or their individual members to get full profiles.

5.What does this revelation tell us about member Yeonjuan?

This revelation gives us the latest details on his life as a part of YEONJUAN Txt based on up-to-date information including age,weight,and also interesting facts.

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