Yunho ATEEZ Profile, Age & Facts: Get to Know Everything About this Talented Member of ATEEZ

Are you, like me, a dedicated fan of the South Korean boy group ATEEZ? Are you keen on getting to know more about its members, especially the incredibly talented Yunho? Speaking from my own experiences as a hardcore K-pop enthusiast, I understand just how fulfilling it is to discover new and enthralling details about your favorite idols.

Through this easy-to-digest guide, we’ll shed light on Yunho’s profile – diving deep into his personal life and career milestones while also unfolding some lesser-known facts. So come along! Let’s delve together into the captivating realm of this rising star!

Key Takeaways

  • Yunho, whose real name is Jeong Yun Ho, is a talented South Korean singer, dancer, and actor.
  • He was born on March 23, 1999, making him 22 years old.
  • Yunho stands tall at a height of 185cm and has a great physique.
  • He hails from Gwangju, South Korea and grew up with his family there.
  • Yunho made his debut with ATEEZ in October 2018 and quickly gained recognition as the group’s main dancer and vocalist.
  • In addition to singing and dancing, he has also showcased his acting skills in the drama “Imitation.”
  • Yunho has been chosen as a brand ambassador for fashion brands like Adidas, Levi’s, and Puma.
  • Some interesting facts about him include his love for playing basketball in his free time and his hidden talent for juggling.

Yunho’s Profile and Personal Life

Yunho, also known by his birth name Jeong Yun Ho, is a talented South Korean singer, dancer, and actor.

Real name and stage name

Yunho’s real name is Jeong Yunho. But as a pop idol, people know him more by his stage name, Yunho. He uses the name Yunho when he sings and dances on stage with ATEEZ. It is this name that fans cheer when they see his energetic moves and hear his sweet voice.

Date of birth and age

Yunho was born on March 23, 1999, which makes him 22 years old. He celebrates his birthday every year on this day. As a member of ATEEZ, he has achieved so much at such a young age.

Height and weight

Yunho, from the popular K-pop group ATEEZ, stands tall with a height of 185cm. He’s quite lean and weighs about – well actually, I couldn’t find his specific weight. But what we do know is that Yunho has a great physique and carries himself with confidence on stage.

Being fit and healthy is important for him as he showcases his impressive dance moves and performs energetic routines for fans to enjoy. So whether it’s in terms of height or maintaining a good physique, Yunho definitely knows how to catch our attention!

Hometown and family

Yunho hails from Gwangju, South Korea. He grew up there with his family, including his younger brother. Gwangju is known for its rich culture and vibrant arts scene, which may have influenced Yunho’s passion for music and performance.

Being close to his family has been important to him throughout his journey as a Kpop idol and member of ATEEZ.

Yunho’s Career and Achievements

Yunho made his debut with ATEEZ and quickly gained recognition as the group’s main dancer and vocalist. He has also showcased his acting skills in various roles, while endorsing popular fashion brands.

Read on to discover more about Yunho’s successful career!

Debut with ATEEZ

I joined ATEEZ and debuted on October 24, 2018 with KQ Entertainment. It was such an exciting time for us as a group! We worked really hard to prepare for our debut and it felt amazing to finally share our music with the world.

Since then, we’ve released several albums, performed in different countries, and met so many incredible fans along the way. Being a part of ATEEZ has been an incredible journey and I’m grateful for all the love and support we receive from our fans.

We can’t wait to continue making music and creating unforgettable memories together!

Main dancer and vocalist

Yunho is not only a talented singer but also an amazing dancer. He captivates audiences with his smooth and powerful dance moves. His skills as the main dancer of ATEEZ are highly praised by fans and professionals in the industry.

In addition to dancing, Yunho also showcases his vocal abilities as a vocalist for the group. With his strong voice, he adds depth and emotion to ATEEZ’s performances. Yunho’s passion for both singing and dancing shines through every time he takes the stage.

Acting roles

Yunho, a member of ATEEZ, has also showcased his talent in acting. He has appeared in the drama “Imitation,” where he played as the character Kwon Ryoc’s younger self. Yunho’s acting skills have impressed fans with his ability to portray different emotions and bring characters to life onscreen.

In addition to being a skilled singer and dancer, Yunho has proven his versatility as an actor as well.

Brand endorsements and fashion brands worn

Yunho, being a member of ATEEZ, has gained popularity not only for his talent but also for his sense of style. He has been chosen as a brand ambassador for various fashion brands and products.

Some of the brands he has endorsed include Adidas, Levi’s, and Puma. Yunho is known to have a versatile fashion sense and can effortlessly pull off different styles, whether it’s streetwear or more formal attire.

His fashion choices often inspire fans who look up to him as a style icon in the K-pop world.

Interesting Facts and TMI About Yunho

Yunho is an ENFJ according to his MBTI, and he enjoys playing basketball in his free time.


Yunho’s MBTI personality type has not been officially revealed. However, based on his traits and behaviors, fans speculate that he could be an ESFP (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) or an ENFJ (Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging).

Yunho is known for being outgoing and energetic, which aligns with the characteristics of an ESFP. He is also caring and considerate towards others, which suggests qualities of an ENFJ.

While we don’t have confirmation on his MBTI type, it’s interesting to explore the possibilities based on his actions and demeanor.


Yunho has a few hobbies that he enjoys in his free time. One of his favorite hobbies is playing video games. He loves immersing himself in different game worlds and challenging himself to improve his skills.

Another hobby Yunho has is watching movies and TV shows. He enjoys getting lost in different stories and characters, finding inspiration for his own performances as an actor. Additionally, Yunho also likes to spend time with animals, especially dogs.

He finds comfort and joy in their presence and always feels relaxed when he’s around them. So, whether it’s gaming, watching movies, or spending time with furry friends, Yunho knows how to have fun during his leisure time!

Personality and ideal type

Yunho has a charming personality that fans adore. He is known for being energetic, funny, and caring towards his fellow ATEEZ members and fans. Yunho’s ideal type of person is someone who is understanding, kind-hearted, and has a sense of humor.

He values loyalty and honesty in relationships. While he hasn’t shared specific details about his ideal type publicly, fans appreciate Yunho for his warm nature and positive attitude towards others.

Hidden talent

Yunho, a member of ATEEZ, has a hidden talent for juggling. When he’s not singing and dancing on stage, he likes to show off his skills in juggling different objects. It’s amazing how he can keep multiple items in the air at once! He often surprises his fans with impromptu juggling performances during fan meetings or variety shows.

Additionally, Yunho’s juggling talent showcases his dexterity and coordination, adding another dimension to his already impressive skills as an entertainer. It’s just one more reason to admire this multi-talented artist!


In conclusion, Yunho is a talented member of ATEEZ with impressive dancing and singing skills. His humor and hidden talent for juggling add to his charm. Join the ATEEZ fan community to stay updated on his latest news and activities.

Don’t miss out on supporting this rising K-pop star!

Share your favorite things about Yunho

I love Yunho’s incredible dancing skills. Whenever he performs, he captivates me with his precise and energetic moves. He has a natural talent for dance that shines through in every ATEEZ performance.

I also admire Yunho’s sense of humor. His jokes always make me laugh and bring joy to the group. Plus, his hidden talent for juggling adds an extra wow factor to his already impressive repertoire of skills.

Overall, Yunho is a multi-talented artist who never fails to impress and entertain me as a fan of ATEEZ.

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Stay updated on his latest news and activities

To stay updated on Yunho’s latest news and activities, make sure to follow him on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. You can also join fan communities and official ATEEZ fan clubs to receive regular updates about his appearances, music releases, and events.

Don’t forget to check out ATEEZ’s official website for any announcements or updates as well. With these sources, you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to Yunho’s exciting journey as a talented member of ATEEZ!

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